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Pressroom 2013

Pope Francis appoints Bishop Malone's successor in Portland (Dec. 18, 2013)

Bishop Robert DeeleyPORTLAND---Pope Francis has appointed the Most Rev. Robert P. Deeley, J.C.D., Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Boston, as the 12th Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.

The Holy Father’s appointment was announced on Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 6 a.m. EST at the Vatican. The date of Bishop Deeley’s Installation Mass will be Friday, February 14, 2014, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland.

“As I prepare to serve the faithful of the Diocese of Portland as their new bishop and shepherd, I wish to offer my gratitude first to our Holy Father Pope Francis for entrusting me with this honor and responsibility and to Cardinal Seán O’Malley, who has taught me much of what it means to be a faithful shepherd through his word and example,” said Bishop Deeley in a statement. “Kindly pray for me and for all God’s holy people that we may be what the Lord calls us to be, the community of the Church showing forth the love that God has shown us in his Son, Jesus.”  Read more

YNN-TV: Catholics asked to participate in survey (Dec. 8, 2103)

Am-Pol Eagle:  Going up at the Response to Love Center (Nov. 27, 2013)

Bishop Malone cuts the ribbonBishop Richard J. Malone, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, blessed a new elevator that was recently installed at the Response to Love Center on Kosciuszko St. in Buffalo. The installation was made possible by the John R. Oshei Foundation of Western New York. Joining Bishop Malone on the elevator during the ribbon cutting and blessing was Sister Johnice Rzadkiewicz, CSSF, director of the Response to Love Center and representatives from the Oshei Foundation.

The bishop also toured the facility and blessed a new chapel on the third floor. During a brief prayer service and reception, Sister Johnice presented a small replica of a statue titled, “Jesus the Homeless” and a sculpture titled, “Lowly But Chosen” to the bishop. Both sculptures were created by Timothy Schmalz. Photo by Steven Kroczynski



YNN-TV:  JFK's impact on local Irish Catholics (Nov. 21, 2013)

Bishop Malone appoints Father Joseph Gatto president/rector of Christ the King Seminary
(Nov. 18, 2013)

Father Peter Drilling, Father Joseph Gatto
Most Reverend Richard J. Malone, Bishop of Buffalo and chairman of the Christ the King Seminary board of trustees, has named the pastor of the largest parish in the Diocese of Buffalo as the next president/rector of the East Aurora seminary. 

On June 1, 2014, Father Joseph C. Gatto (right) will take over the leadership of the seminary, ending his service to the more than 5,400 families of Williamsville’s St. Gregory the Great as he has for the past seven and a half years.  He will succeed Father Peter Drilling (left), the current president/rector, whose term is ending and expressed a desire to return to a parish setting.  Read more

via : Bishop Malone blesses the new St Jude the Apostle Parish Center in North Tonawanda (Nov. 17, 2013)

Bishop Richard J. Malone at St. Jude the Apostle Parish

U.S. bishops in Baltimore approve drafting of statement on pornography
(Nov. 12, 2013)

Bishop Malone highlights negative effects on men, women, children
Statement to be pastoral in nature, focus on effects on marriages and families 


BALTIMORE—The U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) approved the drafting of a formal statement on pornography to be issued from the entire body of bishops. Following a presentation by Bishop Richard J. Malone of Buffalo, New York, chair-elect of the USCCB Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, the bishops, who are gathered in Baltimore for their annual fall General Assembly, voted 226-5 to approve the drafting of the statement.

“As pastors, we’re aware that many people are consuming or are exploited by pornography, and many also are struggling with pornography addiction,” Bishop Malone said in his report. “The number of men, women, and children who have been harmed by pornography use is not negligible, and we have an opportunity to offer healing and hope to those who have been wounded.”

The statement will be pastoral in nature and will emphasize the effects of pornography on marriages and families, while attending to all those harmed by pornography use and addiction. The Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth will lead the drafting process, and the statement will come before the body of bishops for approval. The tentative timeline is to have a finalized statement by the end of 2015.

Bishop Malone's statement on Pope Francis' appointment of Bishop Salvatore Matana as ninth Bishop of Rochester
(Nov. 6, 2013)

“I have known Bishop Matano since his ordination and installation in Burlington, and have gotten to know him as a devout, very bright, faithful and courageous bishop.  He has a crisp sense of humor.  I look forward to welcoming him to Western New York in our neighboring Diocese of Rochester (which was once part of the Diocese of Buffalo).”
Buffalo News In Focus:  Bishop Richard J. Malone (Nov. 5, 2013)

BCoptic Christians protestuffalo News:  Prod Mideast to halt religious persecution (Nov. 4, 2013)
By Douglas Turner

The atrocities committed by Islamist elements across North Africa and South Asia against Muslim and Bahia sects and Christians are almost beyond telling. More than a tenth of the Christian world is under threat – 40 Coptic Christian churches burned in Egypt, tens of thousands of Christians fleeing violence in Syria, nearly half the original 1.4 million Iraqi Christians fled over its borders, suicide bombers killing dozens of Christians in Pakistan.

“Without an end to this violence,” said Catholic Bishop Richard J. Malone of Buffalo, “Christian worship could disappear completely from these countries, which would be an incredible tragedy. Our political leaders must use every diplomatic means possible to press the governments in the Middle East to protect churches, religious institutions and Christian communities from what could be total destruction.”  Read more

WGRZ-TV: Bishop Malone applauds Pope's comments (Sept. 22, 2013)

Niagara Frontier Publications:  Bishop Malone visits Niagara Jr./Sr. Catholic High School (Sept. 17, 2013)

Bishop Malone preachingOn Monday, the Most Rev. Richard J. Malone, the 14th Bishop of Buffalo, celebrated Mass at Niagara Catholic Jr./Sr. High School. Malone reminded students and faculty that what makes NC different than public schools is its occupants' reliance on Jesus for guidance and strength.  The bishop's appearance was part of an all-school retreat. NC welcomed students from Catholic Academy and St. Peter's R.C. School. (photo by Joshua Maloni)

Bishop Malone opens Mount St. Mary Academy school year (Sept. 6, 2013)

Bishop Malone on the slide!By Alexandra Kogler Fussell

Bishop Richard Malone helped the community of Mount St. Mary Academy begin its 87th academic year when he celebrated Mass on Sept. 6 at 9:30 a.m. in the school auditorium. Msgr. Francis Weldgen, who serves as the school's chaplain, concelebrated.

"We are honored and blessed that Bishop Malone and Father Fran could be with us as the Mount St. Mary family comes together formally for the first time this year," said Principal Dawn Riggie. "It has been a spirit-filled celebration that I know will set the tone for another successful year for us."

The Mass also included an induction ceremony of the 2013-14 student council members, selected by their peers at the conclusion of the last school year.

After Mass, Bishop Malone joined with the students enjoying the sunny day at a picnic and carnival sponsored by Student Council.  (Buffalo News photo)

Though this is the first Mass Buffalo's new bishop has celebrated at Mount St. Mary Academy, he visited the school shortly after being installed as the 14th bishop of Buffalo. 

Buffalo Rising:  St. Ann’s Church Demolition on Hold as the Diocese and Preservation Buffalo Niagara Work Together to Find Alternatives (Aug. 28, 2013)

St. Ann Church

The Diocese of Buffalo and Preservation Buffalo Niagara have engaged in a collaborative effort to find a reuse for the St. Ann’s Church Campus. Demolition of the iconic structure has been placed on hold as the two entities work together to find a buyer with an appropriate plan for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the site. Selling is now officially an option back on the table.  (Read more)

Bishop Malone talks evangelization on American Catholic Radio (Aug. 21, 2013)

“If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge that person?”
Pope Francis, July 29, 2013

Statement of Bishop Richard J. Malone
(July 30, 2013)

It is important to understand that when we hear the Pope saying he cannot “judge” gays, he is talking about the persons, not behavior. He is talking about priests who may be homosexual, but is assuming that they are chaste. And if they have sinned, they are repentant and now chaste. Priests make a lifelong commitment to live a chaste celibate life, and candidates for the priesthood need to be able to live a life of chaste celibacy, whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. If someone is not capable with God’s help of living a lifelong commitment to celibate chastity, he should not be a priest.

The Roman Catholic Church does not define or label people in terms of their sexual orientation. The Church is open to all people and recognizes their innate dignity as children of God. The Church also believes that all sexual activity, properly and exclusively, belongs within the marriage of a man and a woman. Outside of that context, sexual relations are viewed as being objectively immoral. The Catechism of the Catholic Church #2358 says that homosexual persons “must be accepted with compassion, respect and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination must be avoided.” Homosexuals are welcome in the Church and encouraged like all to live a chaste life.

Bishop Malone speaks at Franciscan University conference
(July 25, 2013)

By Tom Stofio, Franciscan University

Bishop Malone at Francscan UniversitySTEUBENVILLE, OHIO—Bishop Richard Joseph Malone of the Diocese of Buffalo, spoke to the 300 participants at Franciscan University of Steubenville’s St. John Bosco Conference for Catechists and Religious Educators, held July 17-21. 

Bishop Malone, who was influential in the production of the U.S. bishops’ framework for the development of catechetical materials, discussed the important connection between the liturgy and catechesis. 

“The liturgy has a way of forming our minds and hearts as we enter into it,” he said. “Catechesis is necessary to prepare us to enter deeply into the liturgy. There’s a double dynamic going on here all the time.”  He also focused strongly on the presentation of God’s fatherhood, and the tendency of misinformed Catholics to reduce that emphasis. 

“If you’ve ever seen lyrics of hymns that have very obviously done everything they could do to delete the name ‘Father,’ he said. “To change Father, Son, and Spirit to creator, redeemer, and sanctifier, is dangerously close to the heresy called modalism, which defined the persons of the Trinity as different functions of the one God, denying the threeness of God.” 

He held up the example of Franciscan University, speaking of the dynamic, authentic way that the university is known for educating its students.  “You’re already helping the bishops tremendously. Please just keep that up,” he said.

Catholic Charities of Buffalo surpasses goal (The Buffalo News,  June 28, 2013)

For the third year in a row, Catholic Charities of Buffalo exceeded its annual fundraising goal, topping its $10.7 million target by more than $100,000. It was the first appeal for Bishop Richard J. Malone, who was installed last August. The bishop noted that more than $2.2 million was raised since March 25.  Read more

Statement from Bishop Richard J. Malone on the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage
  (June 26, 2013) This is truly a tragic day for marriage and for our nation. Today’s Supreme Court decision on the unconstitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) goes against everything human reason teaches us about marriage -- it is the union of one man and one woman open to the birth and rearing of children. Marriage between one man and one woman is not the same as same-sex relationships. Therefore treating them differently is not unjust discrimination and should not be ruled as such.

Promoting and protecting marriage in the law is essential to securing the common good, especially the good of children who have a basic right to be raised by their own mother and father. If the law does not respect truth, it undermines the common good. Overturning DOMA gravely impacts the institution of marriage and the religious freedoms of those who uphold marriage and oppose its redefinition.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York stated, “The Court got it wrong.” We agree that the preservation of liberty and justice requires that all laws, federal and state, respect the truth, including the truth about marriage. Because today’s society may not support marriage does not mean that we should not.

We must pledge to work for the restoration of the true meaning of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, as God has created it to be. We cannot surrender to the growing distortion of what God has created marriage to be, even if that distortion has been made law in our own state.

We must urge our leaders to defend and restore the true meaning of marriage. We pray for those who may suffer the consequences of the Supreme Court’s mistaken decision.

Religious freedom is under attack (June 22, 2013)

Listen to Bishop Malone's homily from the Mass opening this year's Fortnight for Freedom at St. Joseph Cathedral
Springville Journal:  Springville Boy Scouts receive religious emblems (June 17, 2013)

Bishop Malone with Boy ScoutsThe Buffalo Catholic Committee of Boy Scouting held the religious emblem board of reviews on March 7 at St. Gabriel Parish in Elma.  Five Scouts from Troop 524, parishioners of St. Aloysius Parish in Springville, participated in the program.  Scouts spent several months in preparation, completing volunteer work and attending retreats, before the final board of review. 

On March 23, Bishop Richard Malone awarded the Scouts their emblems, during a ceremony at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Buffalo. Malone spoke about the importance of reverence and service to the community.

Connor Edbauer and Alex Wendley earned the Pope Pius XII Emblem. Chandler Edbauer, Ethan Smith and Jonathan Smith earned the Ad Altare Dei Emblem.  Kristine Edbauer is the religious counselor for the Catholic emblems. She was awarded the bronze pelican. This award is given to an individual who has shown service to the spiritual development of Catholic boys in the Scouting apostolate.

Bishop Malone ordains 9 permanent deacons (June 15, 2013)

Bishop Malone ordains new deaconsThe ranks of the clergy in the Diocese of Buffalo swelled by 9 on June 15, 2013, when Bishop Richard J. Malone ordained new permanent deacons:  Deacon Paul Augustyn; Deacon Thomas Friedman; Deacon Mark Kehl; Deacon Francis Lagona; Deacon Marc Leaderstorf; Deacon V. Gregory Moran; Deacon David Rotterman; Deacon Miguel Santos and Deacon John Wlos. 

After years of study and field ministry, permanent deacons can officiate at weddings, baptisms, funerals and wakes; they may also preach. Very often, permanent deacons are married with children and have outside employment.  For more information on diaconal formation, visit the Christ the King Seminary website.

WGRZ-TV:  Bishop Malone putting pressure on to block abortion expansion (June 10, 2013) Local elected state officials back Bishop


WLOF Radio:  Bishop Malone takes to the airwaves of The Station of the Cross to talk about his opposition to Gov. Cuomo's proposed abortion expansion (June 2013)

Stop Gov. Cuomo's abortion expansion bill
(June 8, 2013)

"Man on a mission" - Bishop Malone ordains Father John Stanton (June 4, 2013)

“God fulfills His promise - I will give you shepherds,” and with that greeting, Bishop Richard J. Malone began the ordination to the priesthood of Father John E Stanton, Jr. On a sun-filled Saturday morning (June 1) at St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown Buffalo, the ordination took place 64 years after his beloved uncle, the late Msgr. William Stanton, was ordained in the same cathedral. (Read more)


Commencement season underway
(May 13, 2013)

Bishop Malone at Niagara UniversityMay is always a busy month for the bishop of Buffalo and Bishop Richard J. Malone is finding that to be the case during his first May since being installed in August 2012.  Bishop Malone celebrated the commencement liturgy at Niagara University on May 10 (left).  Later that day, in his role as chair of the board of Trustees of Christ the King Seminary, Bishop Malone took part in seminary commencement exercises at St. John Vianney Chapel.

Sister Margaret Carney, president of St. Bonaventure University, was awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters and served as Christ the King Seminary commencementcommencement speaker (right).

In his closing remarks, Bishop Malone congratulated the degree recipients and honorees, and said, "I am so proud, as the bishop of Buffalo. that we have such a fine seminary here. Christ the King is truly a precious gem in the life of the Church of Western New York."

Sister Margaret said the evening was a celebration of the Church, including the graduates of Christ the King Seminary. "This is the Church which you are called to serve and which you have worked so hard to reach this point."

Bishop commemorates school’s 10th anniversary (Cheektowaga Bee, May 3, ,2013)

Bishop Malone at Mary Queen of AngelsMary Queen of Angels Regional Catholic School celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special Mass conducted by Buffalo Bishop Richard J. Malone on Apr. 30. The school was formed in 2003 following the merger of Queen of Martyrs School and Our Lady Help of Christians School.

Mary Alice Bagwell, principal of the school, said priests and pastors from other parishes in Cheektowaga were also invited to attend. “Bishop Malone is concelebrating the Mass with other priests from parishes in Cheektowaga both past and present that have schools that closed or merged with Mary Queen of Angels,” she said.

The Mass was planned by Monsignor Kevin O’Neill and focused on the theme of lighthouses. “We asked the students to go out and be the light of the world this year,” Bagwell said. “The children made lighthouse decorations that the church will be decorated with. We’re excited. In a way we’re over a hurdle because we’ve been here for 10 years and enrollment is growing every year.”

The school has more than 200 students enrolled and offers classes for preschool through eighth grade. Bagwell has been serving as principal for four years and has since rendered significant changes to the school. “We’ve added a playground, added SMART Boards to every classroom, began an iPad program in the school. We’re making a lot of positive changes to bring the school into a more digital age.”

Warm welcome for new bishop at Cardinal O'Hara
(Tonawanda News, May 2, 2013)

Bishop Malone talks with O'Hara studentsCardinal O’Hara High School in the Town of Tonawanda earned high praise from the Most Rev. Richard Malone, bishop of Buffalo, at his first visit to the coeducational high school May 1. The bishop told those in attendance he is comfortable in a school setting as he taught in a Catholic high school and was a campus minister at the Harvard-Radcliffe Student Center. “This school feel like family,” he said. “It’s wonderful. O’Hara has such a spirit and vitality. It’s a joy to be here,” he added.  Read more

Southtowns Catholic School celebrates Red Ribbon Day (MetroWNY, Apr. 25, 2013)

Bishop Malone with Southtowns Catholic School studentsSouthtowns Catholic School eighth grade students celebrated Ribbon Day with a special Mass with Bishop Richard J. Malone. Ribbon Day is the beginning of the final stages of preparation for graduation as each student receives a ribbon as a symbol for hope for their future. The blue piece represents Mary and the gold piece represents our Church. Pictured are: Claire Koessler, Bradley Darvill, Hunter Skoczylas, Bishop Malone, Molly Skalski, Evan Mangan, principal Judith MacDonald, Father Peter Karalus, Eli Tremblay, Matthew Argy, Nick Ralph, Evan Herman and Elliott DiChristopher.

Celebratory Mass (Jamestown Post Journal, Apr. 15, 2013)

Bishop Malone processes into Our Lady of Loreto ChurchFALCONER - More than 150 area residents turned out Sunday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Loreto Roman Catholic Church in Falconer.  "This church seems old to a lot of us who have been coming here for so many years," said Mary Short, parishioner at Our Lady of Loreto. "But it's relatively young compared to other parishes."  The year-long celebration culminated Sunday in a special appearance by Richard J. Malone, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Priests past and present also stopped by for the special Mass.

Appeal Week culminates with $8.58 million raised for Appeal 2013

Bishop MaloneThe Most Reverend Richard J. Malone, bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo, made his second announcement on the progress of the annual Catholic Charities of Buffalo Appeal today, revealing $8,584,590.57 has been raised to date, as Catholic Charities officials marked the close of Appeal Week 2013.  The annual campaign runs through June 30 and carries a goal of $10.7 million. Today’s total represents 80.2 percent of the final goal, which is trending behind last year at this time when 83 percent of goal was reached. Funds raised for Appeal 2013 support Catholic Charities’ 70 programs and services offered across 61 sites throughout the eight-county region.  Read more

Buffalo News - Bishops raise abortion concerns with Cuomo (Mar. 19, 2013)

The leaders of the Catholic Church in New York met with Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday to challenge him not to introduce legislation to expand abortion rights in the state. “The bottom line was we told him we were going to oppose any kind of plan that continues what we consider one of the primary evils of our time, which is the taking of a life,’’ said Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone. Read more

Bishop Richard J. Malone, bishop of Buffalo, released the following statement on the election of Pope Francis (March 13, 2013)

Bishop FrancisIt is with profound gratitude to God that I welcome the election of Pope Francis.

This is a moment of tremendous grace, demonstrating our most important Catholic conviction, that he is a man selected through the intercession of the Holy Spirit to shepherd the Church for years to come.  As the first Holy Father from the Americas, I was impressed with Pope Francis’ humility and spontaneity as he began his first blessing to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square, by asking everyone to pause in silent prayer, to pray for him and bless him.  That was a powerful moment.  I ask the faithful of the Diocese of Buffalo to join me united in prayer as the papacy of Francis begins.  May God bless and guide this humble servant as he leads the Universal Catholic Church.

Bishop Malone inspires Crusaders (Mar. 1, 2013)

Bishop Malone with Canisius studentsBishop Richard J. Malone connected well with the Canisius High School community from the very moment he stepped through the front door of Berchman’s Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 27, to begin his first pastoral visit to the school’s campus. His open, warm and enthusiastic personality was met with equally welcoming exchanges from students as he toured the buildings, presided at Mass with the whole school community and then shared lunch with representative groups of students, trustees, administrators, faculty and staff. The bishop commented several times that he felt so much at home in light of his many years as a teacher and administrator in Catholic high schools in his home state of Massachusetts.

Central to the bishop’s visit was the celebration of the Mass for the whole school community. In an inspiring homily, he told of his visits to an elderly priest in a nursing home who taught him to, “see with the eyes of God … which means to see with eyes of love” all those we encounter. The bishop applied this mission to love to the goals of Jesuit education in forming “people for others,” who strive to be people of service to those in need. Speaking of his great admiration for Jesuit education, he cited St. Peter Canisius as a great role model of a man who saw with those eyes of love in his tireless work to teach the Faith. 

Niagara Gazette - A special visitor for Stella Niagara (Feb. 22, 2013)

Bishop Malone at Stella NiagaraThe Most Reverend Richard Malone, bishop of Buffalo, paid a pastoral visit to the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance & Christian charity and to Stella Niagara Education Park on Wednesday.  Bishop Malone attended an assembly with the entire student body. 

“Our theme for the year is, ‘Where there is darkness, let me be light,’ ” principal Sister Margaret Sullivan explained in her introduction to the bishop. “All of our prayer activities, prayer services, masses and community service projects reflect this theme.”  

The bishop then addressed the student body, telling a bit of his own history and how he came to be in Buffalo. Bishop Malone engaged the students in conversation, asking questions about the school and answering questions about the work of a bishop.

Read more

Bishop Malone begins weekly video messages (Feb. 22, 2013)

Bishop Richard J. Mlone has begun working with Daybreak TV Productions on weekly inspirational videos that can be seen on Daybreak’s social media outlets, on cable programming and also the diocesan website and social media outlets. In an effort to reach Catholics, Bishop Malone has taken on the idea of providing a 1-2 minute weekly message dubbed “Consider this …” - short videos are ruminations on faith matters and topics of the local, national and universal Church. 

Bishop Malone will record his weekly message in Daybreak’s studio in the Catholic Center and it will be shared each Friday. Parishes are encouraged to share this message on their websites.  Consider this …” will also appear on the official website of the Diocese of Portland, Maine, where Bishop Malone continues to serve as apostolic administrator.

“In celebration of this Year of Faith, I plan to share a weekly personal message in hopes of building a relationship with the faithful," Bishop Malone said.  "My call as a bishop is to teach and evangelize. I’m excited that today’s technology offers us the opportunity to minister in a widespread and immediate fashion.”  

 Bishop Malone discusses Pope Benedict XVI's resignation (Feb. 15, 2013)


Lent begins
(Feb. 13, 2013)

St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown Buffalo was filled with mid-day worshippers on Ash Wednesday as Bishop Richard J. Malone celebrated Mass to mark the start of Lent.

"There's a broknness to our lives," Bishop Malone said during his homily.  "In our brokenness, sometimes our own sharp edges cut into relationships, into other people ... (it) even wears in our relationship with God.

"Though we are made  in God's image and beutiful always to him, there is in us a brokenness we call sin."

Listen to Bishop Malone's Ash Wednesday homily


Bishop Malone talks about Holy Father's resignation

(Feb. 11,  2013)

Bishop Malone talks to the mediaBishop Malone met with members of the media at the Mercy Center in South Buffalo on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, to talk about the Holy Father's resignation.  The bishop's comments were part of a pastoral visit to Mount Mercy Academy, which included Mass with the student body, faculty and staff.

Listen to the bishop's remarks




WIVB-TV:  Bishop reacts to pope's resignation (Feb. 11, 2013)

Bishop Malone’s statement on resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (Feb. 11, 2013) 
Pope Benedict XVI greets Bishop Malone in Nov. 2011This morning’s announcement from the Holy Father that he would be resigning at the end of the month certainly came as a surprise.

When I met with the pope in November 2011 at the Vatican, he did seem rather frail. I wish to express my gratitude for his faithful ministry as Successor of St. Peter, his life of scholarship and his faithful leadership of the Catholic Church. One hallmarks of Pope Benedict XVI is his humility and pastoral concern in putting the good of the Church first in his discernment. I cherish the pectoral cross he gave to me and other bishops who met with him during our Ad Limina visit.

During his nearly eight year papacy, we have been witness to his keen intellect through his marvelous encyclicals: God is Love, In Hope We Are Saved and Charity in Truth. His Jesus of Nazareth book series is inspirational.

With the pending resignation of Pope Benedict, the same process by which he was elected in 2005 will be followed as soon as he steps down, with a conclave of the College of Cardinals, guided by Holy Spirit, electing the next pope.   I ask all Catholics in the Diocese of Buffalo to join me in prayer for Pope Benedict XVI, giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for the pope’s lifetime of dedicated, selfless service to the Church. 

Whistle-Stop Tour for Schoolc Choice rolls ino Buffalo (Feb. 1, 2013)

Cardinal O'Hara High School Jazz BandSupporters of National School Choice Week gathered at Statler City in downtown Buffalo to support the growing movement calling on elected officials to give parents more of a say in selecting the school their children attends.  Bishop Richard J. Malone said, "Join me in urging Governor Cuomo and our elected officials to join 16 other states that have incentive programs in place that allow parents, not the government, to decide where their children are educated. They need … and deserve … a choice." Read Bishop Malone's address


Buffalo News:  Catholic sisters acclaimed for devotion to education (Feb. 1, 2013)

Maureen Orth, Bishop MaloneThe contributions of Catholic sisters in the history of America and Western New York are exceptional, particularly in the area of education, said Maureen Orth (pictured with Bishop Malone), renowned author and special correspondent for Vanity Fair. Orth, who is also the widow of political journalist and Buffalo native Tim Russert, was the keynote speaker Thursday at the 2013 Catholic Education Dinner, which was attended by about 1,200 people in Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. Read more


Bishop Malone names new superintendent of Catholic Schools (Jan. 26, 2013)

Sister Carol CiminoBishop Richard J. Malone has appointed a new superintendent of Catholic schools for the Diocese of Buffalo. Sister Carol Cimino, SSJ, Ed.D., a national consultant, college professor and author, will be introduced on Jan. 31 at the “Making a Difference Dinner - A Celebration of Catholic Schools,” which will be held at the Buffalo/Niagara Convention Center.

“This is a wonderful way to begin Catholic Schools Week,” Bishop Malone said. “Sister Carol’s credentials are impeccable. She brings to our Catholic schools a breadth of experience that will play an important role as we continue to focus on the faith formation and high academic achievement of our students. She has a deep commitment to the mission of Catholic schools, and knows and understands the importance of Catholic identity.”  Read more



WGRZ-TV - Married father of thee ordained Catholic priest (Jan. 26, 2013)

  Area Catholics gear up for fight over abortion (Jan. 25, 2013)

WIVB-TV: Bishop Malone to ordain former Episcopal priest (Jan. 25, 2013)

Diocese marks observance of “tragic” Supreme Court decision (Jan. 19, 2013)

Bishop Malone at Pro Vita MassSt. John the Baptist Church in Kenmore was filled to capacity as Bishop Richard J. Malone celebrated the annual diocesan Mass in observance of the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

“We pray for forgiveness and repentance as we continue in our journey to defend life,” Bishop Malone said during his homily. “We continue to try to move the hearts of others to decide in favor of light over darkness, truth over lies, life over death.”  The bishop noted that in the 40 years since Roe v. Wade, a staggering 55 million abortions have been performed in the U.S., “A constant reminder for all Americans, sadly, including many Catholics and Catholics in public office, that abortion has become the default position.”  Read more


Bishop Malone enters blogosphere (Jan. 14, 2013)

Add Bishop Richard J. Malone to the growing number of bishops, archbishops and cardinals who are blogging. Bishop Malone’s early entries, which were originally published as columns in the Western New York Catholic newspaper, have had a distinct Year of Faith flavor. His first post focused on Christmas during the Year of Faith while his second blog contains reading suggestions during the year, which Pope Benedict XVI described as a time for new evangelization in the Catholic Church.  Read more

Bishop Malone celebrates the final Mass at St. Anthony Church, BataviaThe Batavia Daily News - Hundreds gather for final Mass at St. Anthony's (Jan. 14, 2013)

History will record Sadie Lynn Fix as the last person baptized in the city’s former St. Anthony’s Church.  Her baptism on Sunday was a spiritual beginning as Buffalo Bishop Richard J. Malone led the 104-year-old church’s final Mass.  Read more


Statement from Bishop Malone regarding the flu (Jan. 11, 2013) 

At Mass, Bishop Richard Malone is asking people to use common sense if they have a cold and/or flu symptoms, or are concerned about catching the flu, to please refrain from the option of drinking from the chalice and/or shaking hands at the sign of peace. They can simply nod their head and say, “Peace be with you,” to the people around them if they have a cold or the flu symptoms.  Receiving the Blood of Christ from the chalice is always an option, but reception of it is not required.

Bishop Malone announces appeal 2013Coverage of Catholic Charities Appeal 2013 announcement (Jan. 8, 2013)

Catholic Charities news release - Catholic Charities Launches 2013 Appeal, Sets $10.7 Million Goal - Bishop Richard J. Malone, bishop of Buffalo, announced a $10.7 million goal for the 2013 Appeal in support of Catholic Charities of Buffalo. Bishop Malone made the announcement at the Monsignor Carr Clinic, a mental health outpatient treatment services center run by Catholic Charities on Rich Street in Buffalo.  The 89th annual campaign launched with a $100,000 increase over last year’s $10.6 million goal, which the organization achieved. Bishop Malone also named Blessed Frederic Ozanam the patron of the Appeal.  Read more

New bishop launches $10.7 million Catholic Charities Appeal - The Buffalo News

Catholic Charities' Appeal goal for 2013 announced - The Niagara Gazette

Catholic Charities seeking $10.7 million in 2013 appeal - WBFO Radio

Reading for the Year of Faith
(Jan.1, 2013)

A recent conversation with a man leaving church after Mass was the inspiration for this month’s column. He told me that one of his New Year’s resolutions is to learn more about our Catholic faith. So for a bit of intellectual nourishment during this Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI, I thought I would recommend a few recent books that are all about appreciating our Catholic faith more deeply and becoming more confident in sharing it – sometimes defending it – to others.  Read more

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