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Catechumenate Team

There are as many designs for a RCIA core team as there are parishes. Each core team member brings a charisma (a unique spiritual gift) to the team however it is organized. Whatever the design, there are two important dimensions of RCIA ministry :

Remain rooted in the ministry of Jesus while at the same time adapting and developing to meet the needs of a particular people in a particular place and time.

In a perfect world, the model team would include many ministers. Since we don't live in a perfect world, we must modify and develop a team that works for us. In most cases, the team evolves over time to meet the needs of the parish.

The traditional ministers of conversion are the Bishop, Presbyters, and the Godparents. Under the expanded vision of RCIA ministry, the Baptized Catholic community, the sponsor, the catechist, and those in the role of service, become involved in evangelization. Therefore, along with the RCIA core team, the entire community is the team!

The Ministries of RCIA :

Ministry of the Parish Community
Ministry of the Bishop
Ministry of the Pastor and Presbyters
Ministry of the Sponsor
Ministry of the Godparent
Ministry of the Catechist:
Pre-Catechumenate Catechist
Catechumenate Catechist
Enlightenment and Purification Catechist
Mystagogical Catechist
Ministry of Service

Saint Paul said: "There are a variety of ministries but the same spirit." No ministry is more important than any other; all are needed to carry out the work of initiation. Where can we use your charisma ?

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