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Reference Materials

The following are references on the RCIA process. Most can be purchased or ordered at your local Christian bookstore. Additionally, the items listed can be ordered from The North American Forum on the Catechumenate:

Forum Book Service, 3033 Fourth Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20017-1102.

You may also phone in your order with credit card information: (202) 529-9493 ext. 27

You may also fax in your order with credit card information: (202) 529-9497.


Essential Text

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Study Edition
Liturgy Training Publications (Chicago, 1998)

Primary Resources

General Directory for Chatechesim Congregation for the Clergy
(Washington, DC: United States Catholic Conference, 1998)

Catechism of the Catholic Church
(Washington, DC: United States Catholic Conference, 1994)

Other Sources

A CHILD'S JOURNEY: THE CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF CHILDREN - by Rita Burns Senseman, St. Anthony Messenger Press, Cincinnati, Ohio, $11.95.  A clear vision of Children's Initiation.

CELEBRATING THE RITES OF ADULT INITIATION - edited by Victoria M. Tufano. These essays look at scrutinies, rite of acceptance, presentations and other rites during initiation.

ECHOING GOD'S WORD - by James B. Dunning. Explores the formation of catechists and homilists in a Catechumenal Church, presenting a model for conversing with scriptures for catechesis and preaching.

EUCHARIST AS SACRAMENT OF INITIATION - by Nathan Mitchell. Presents a fresh and challenging understanding of Eucharist within the context of the initiation sacraments.

FINDING AND FORMING SPONSORS AND GODPARENTS - edited by James A. Wilde. Packed with a lot of information and practical answers for the pastoral staff, catechumenate team and sponsor coordinator on the formation of sponsors.

FOUNDATIONS IN FAITH SERIES - Published by Resources for Christian Living (RCL) authored by presenters from the North American Forum - Catechist Manuals for all three cycles, Manuals for each Period: Pre-Catechumenate, Catechumenate, Purification and Enlightenment, and Mystagogy.  Handbooks for Priests, Coordinators, Sponsors, Inquirers and Neophytes. Excellent current resource books for the RCIA process.

GUIDE FOR SPONSORS, 3rd edition - by Ron Lewinski. The sponsor's role in initiation is explained

HOLY WEEK IN THE PARISH - by Don Neumann. Offers ritual, historical and pastoral reflections on the individual days with concrete suggestions.

HOW TO FORM A CATECHUMENATE TEAM - by Karen Hinman. Practical steps for selecting, forming and maintaining a team.

HOW TO TEACH THE LECTIONARY - by Philip McBrien. Employs a conversation model for effectively developing a lectionary-based catechesis.

HOW TO TEACH THE LECTIONARY - LEADER'S GUIDE - by Philip McBrien. Provides background and resources for leaders preparing catechists for lectionary-based catechesis.

ML ANSWERS THE 101 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS: THE CATECHUMENATE ANSWERS BOOK - by Paul Turner.  Resource Publications, Inc.  San Jose, California, (408)286-8505, $18.95.  Good, quick reference book.  Answers most practical  Catechumenate questions. User friendly.

THE CULTURAL WORLD OF JESUS - Sunday by Sunday - by John J. Pilch, published by The Liturgical Press.  Excellent lectionary based cultural background for each Sunday gospel (3 cycles). 

THE CHURCH SPEAKS OUT ABOUT SACRAMENTS - by Mark Searle. Collection of a wide variety of liturgical and catechetical documents, with introductions to each unit.

THE ROLE OF THE ASSEMBLY IN INITIATION - by Catherine Vincie. Addresses the role of the assembly in the entire initiation process.

THE THREE DAYS - by Gabe Huck. Discusses the principal liturgies of the Triduum.

THE RCIA: TRANSFORMING THE CHURCH - by Thomas H. Morris. Most up-to-date resource available that offers general guidelines and practical directions on implementing the initiation process.

WALKING TOGETHER IN FAITH: A WORKBOOK FOR SPONSORS - by Thomas H. Morris. Outlines the sponsor's role and responsibility in initiation, offering basic skills.

WELCOMING THE NEW CATHOLIC, 3rd edition - by Ron Lewinski. Serves as an introduction to the initiation process, responding tot he most commonly asked questions.


WHO CALLS YOU BY NAME - Music book and audio tape vol.1, by David Haas. Music book and cassette tapes of music for use throughout initiation process. Original pieces with performance notes.

WHO CALLS YOU BY NAME - Music book and audio tape vol.2, by David Haas. Second collection of music books and cassette tapes of music for use throughout initiation process. With performance notes.


THE CATECHUMENATE: WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES PARISHES FACE? - by Richard Fragomeni. (VHS) Deals with the practical issues parishes face in implementing the initiation process.

AN INVITATION TO NEW LIFE - by Thomas H. Morris. (VHS) Explains in lay terms the initiation process as an introduction for inquirers. Can also be used with sponsors and to explain the process for parishioners.

THIS IS THE NIGHT - Taped at St.Pius V Parish in Pasadena, Texas. (VHS) This video follows the elect and candidates from the celebration of the Scrutinies through their baptism and reception at the Easter Vigil to Easter Sunday morning.

THE CATECHUMENATE IN BRIEF  Developed by the Archdiocese of Miami, Florida Religious Education Department (Hardcourt Religious Publishers)

THE CATECHUMENATE FOR CHILDREN  by Rev. Don A. Neumann (Tabor Publishing)

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