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Team Training

Why train you may ask? The training of the RCIA team members is essential to a successful process. Many of us have attended parish schools or Religious Education classes while growing up, then Catholic high school, and perhaps Catholic College. Over our lifetimes, how many homilies have we heard? Don't we know and understand what being Catholic is?

The answer most often is that we know and understand, but do not feel confident enough. Training provides the means through which confidence is built.

One of the greatest reluctance's for parishioners in becoming involved in RCIA is that they feel unqualified. By providing training, new ministers will overcome their fears and gain confidence. Continued training for current team members deepens their understanding of the process, provides individual growth, and renews the spirit. Education of the Assembly about the RCIA process is also essential for a successful conversion process.

Types of training which may be available:

* Institutes - National organizations such as the North American Forum on the Catechumenate provide weekend and/or week long training on different aspects of the RCIA process.

* Diocesan sponsored training - e.g., workshops, Lenten retreats, team formation days, networking sessions, parish workshops upon request. 

*Team Workshops tailored to your team's needs:  The Diocesan Office for the  Catechumenate will come to any parish Catechumenate (no charge) to do an evening for RCIA teams on the vision of the Rite specifically tailored for your team's needs.  A great way to focus your team on the vibrant energy and spirit the Rite so freely offers! For more information call the office, 716-847-5501.

Support for Training: the pastor must give his support to the RCIA team. Support can come in many forms. Providing facilities where the catechumens and team can meet, giving training to team members, funding institute training, obtaining necessary resource materials, and training/integrating RCIA into other parish ministries especially liturgy and music, are some of the essentials. The pastor must understand the need for training and provide the resources to facilitate training within parish resources.

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