Dates:   April 30 - May 2, 2014; Make-up Dates: May 5 - 7

Manipulatives including rulers will no longer be supplied with Math.  Schools will supply rulers and protractors.

See Elementary and Itermediate Mathematics for Mathematics testing information and links to prior NYS Mathematics tests.  Also see, Curriculum, then Math

Mathematics Initiative

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Instructional Recommendations for Elementary and Intermediate Mathematics Instruction

Algebra 1 Regents Assessment

Please note:  The State Education Department writes, "Only students who have completed all the materials in the Intermediate-level (5-8) Science and/or Mathematics Core Curricula and are being considered for placement in an accelerated high school-level course in grade 8 should be permitted to take the intermediate-level test in grade 7."  

See, Curriculum, Math for Algebra 1 resources.

Regents exams

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