Grades 4 and 8 Science Assessment

Performance Tests for grades 4 and 8 Science are to be administered between May 21 and May 30, 2014.

The Written Test for both grades will be administered June 2, 2014; make-up days are June 3 and 4.

Grade 4, Form A of the Performance Test, introduced in 2004,will continue to be used and will remain secure until further notice. 

The Grade 8 Science Performance Test was introduces in 2000.  It also will remain secure until forther notice.

Grade 4 Elementary-Level Science Test Written Test Sampler Draft May 2003

Also available on-line: Science News from NYSED

Curriculum Resources Core Requirments

Elementary Level - Grades K-4 (pdf)

Intermediate Level - Grades 4-8 (pdf)

Intermediate-Level Science Examination Sampler:

Intermediate Level - Part 1 (pdf)

Intermediate Level - Part 2 (pdf)

 To access High School Regents Science Exams, click here.

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