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Math Curriculum:

Test Guides for ELA and Math 2014 

Please scroll down for these Math resources from Engage NY Math:

Math Modules

Math Common Core Learning Standards Curriculum Placemats

Math Sprints

Grades 3 - 8 Pre- and Post-Indicators

CCLS Fluencies By Grade Level

Math Instructional Strategies

Pre-K - Grade 12 Curriculum Map

Math CCLS Curriculum Placemats

Assessment Guides by Grade Level

I Can Do It Math

Common Core Standards for Mathematics Checklists

NYS Grades 3-8 Mathematics Common Core Learning Standards Testing Program Guidance—September-April/May-June

Standards Tested by 2013 Math Assessments

Sample Questions

Math Modules

2013 Annotated (Released) Questions

Evidence Collection Tools

Common Core Learning Standards in Mathematics (High School starts on page 49.)

Algebra 1 Resources

1. Math Common Core Learning Standards Curriculum Placemats

2.  Math Sprints

     Math Sprints form the NYS Math Modules for Grade 1 – 8 Created by Bill Davidson

3. Grades 3 - 8 Pre- and Post- Indicators

4. CCLS Fluencies by Grade Level

5. Math Instructional Strategies

6. Pre-K - Grade 12 Curriculum Map

7. Assessment Guides by Grade Level:

8. I Can Do It Math:

9. Common Core Standards for Mathematics Checklists:


NYS Grades 3-8 Mathematics Common Core Learning StandardsTesting Program Guidance—September-April/May-June

11.  Standards Tested by 2013 Math NYS Assessments

Grade 3 Math Standards Tested

Grade 4 Math Standards Tested

Grade 5 Math Standards Tested

Grade 6 Math Standards Tested

Grade 7 Math Standards Tested

Grade 8 Math Standards Tested

12. Algebra 1 Resources:

High School Mathematics Reference Sheet

Algebra 1 Modules

Math Shifts Blank Chart

Mathematical Practices Blank Chart

Math Glossary

Tricounty Math Rubric

Algebra 1 Sprints on Exponents

Common Core Symbaloo

Regents Exam in Algebra 1 (link to page)

 A Story of Functions PPT

A Story of Ratios PPT

PARCC Model Content Frameworks for High School Algebra

A Story of Ratios Tape Diagrams PPT

Algebra 1 CCLS resources

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