Teacher Created Rubrics for Assessment – covers most any subject at all grade levels:  

Discovery – more rubrics than you will ever need:

Including a tutorial for beginners:

A complete guide for Educational rubrics:

Assessment generator and more:

Excellent Teacher Tool – search by standard and grade level – links to the NYS standards:

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment Links in Science:

An amazing number of links for Alternate Assessment:

Projects and Ideas for Alternative Assessments (Do a search for Alternative Assessments):

Alternative Assessment for Teaching Science: 

Project STAIRS (Successful Technology and Information Resource Strategies) – a Technology Resource:

Performance Assessment for PE:

Performance Assessment in Music:

Expectations for students in Art: 

2 excellent sources of documents for DBQs:

Teacher Leadership Quality Project

There is a lot of information to check, including under Teaching to the Standards.

Thanks to Jeffrey Arnold, Daemen College for allowing us to use this information.


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