Department Personnel

Catholic Schools

 Secretary for Education:  Mrs. Carol Kostyniak

Superintendent of Schools: Sr. Carol Cimino SSJ

Christian Riso
Assistant Superintendent of Government Programs

Christian Riso is the Assistant Superintendent of Government Services and Special Projects for the Department of Catholic Schools. He is the liaison between Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Buffalo and government entities at the local, state and federal level that provide any assistance to the education program of the Diocese. Prior to his work with the Department of Catholic Schools, Chris served as an Assistant Principal and Director of Academics for 12 years in our Catholic schools.

Pat Trimper
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Pat Trimper is instrumental in helping principals and teachers use the data from the NYS assessments and standardized tests to improve student skills. Pat also works with teachers to prepare them to score the NYS tests, coordinates scoring sessions and provides numerous teacher workshops. As the coordinator for the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Pat helps to guide the self-study process for our schools. School improvement is always her key focus. She has worked in the Catholic Schools Department for 13 years.

Elizabeth Schanbacher
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Technology

Liz Schanbacher is the technology integration specialist, eSchoolData coordinator and CIO for elementary schools in the Diocese of Buffalo. Liz also coordinates e-rate, enrollment management and serves as the Web master for the Department of Catholic Schools. Liz has been with the Catholic Schools Department for 10 years.

Barbara Marotto
Professional Development Coordinator

Barbara Marotto is the Professional Development Coordinator for the Department of Catholic Schools. Her role is to provide administrators and teachers opportunities for professional growth as well as support Diocesan initiatives in the areas of curriculum and supervision. Her passion lies in the belief that high quality instruction is key to student success.

Pam Kattermann
Professional Development Coordinator

Pamela Kattermann is the Professional Development Co-Coordinator for the Education Department. She will be working with Barbara Marotto, Patricia Trimper, Elizabeth Schanbacher, and Christian Riso. Her role is to provide support in the form of staff development with resources and materials related to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, developing a standard based report card, and revising the teacher evaluation process. Pamela is retired from Pioneer Central School where she taught Elementary School and was a District Administrator.

Brian Kiszewski
Director of Athletics

Brian Kiszewski coordinates and oversees all aspects of elementary athletics sanctioned by the Diocese of Buffalo. He handles any day to day issues regarding all areas of athletics with administration, league coordinators and coaches.

Nancy DiBerardino
Administrative Assistant / Athletic Coordinator

Nancy DiBerardino is the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Government Programs. In her dual role, she is responsible for coordinating elementary sports sponsored by the Diocese of Buffalo (basketball, softball and Annual Diocesan Track Meet). Nancy also processes student transcripts for schools (elementary and high schools) that have closed. She has been a member of the Department of Catholic Schools for 30 years.

Betty Webb
                      Administrative Assistant                      

Betty Webb provides clerical support to the Superintendent. She helps to organize & promote several programs initiated by the Superintendent, develops and distributes the school directory, prepares Diplomas and Certificates for the Elementary School Principals and provides supports to the Years of Service Awards. Betty takes and distributes minutes from several meetings. She corresponds with school secretaries to keep them apprised of pertinent information and arranges acknowledgement for Administrative Assistants Day. Betty also helps arrange and promote the annual Youth Concert at Kleinhans Music Hall.  



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