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School Monthly Enrollment/Retention Tracker


Prospective Student Information Form 


New Student Tracker 


Open House 

•Catholic Schools' Week

• Tips for Student's Speech at Mass 
• Mass Presence 
• Mass Presence Announcement & Mailing List Sample

Outreach to Other Parishes Questions to Consider

Outreach to Other Parishes without Schools Announcement
• Outreach to Other Parishes without Schools Pastor Letter

Community Canvassing Questions 
• Community Canvassing Lead Source List

Religious Education Outreach

Religious Education Outreach Script & Tracking Sheet

Tips and Tools

 • Best Practices of Office Operations 

• Customer Service
• Summer Office Procedures

• Teachers as Ambassadors 
• Parents as Ambassadors 
• Increasing PreK Conversion 
• Tuition Enrollment and Growth Strategies 
• Enrollment and Retention Strategies 
• Relationship Building

Strengthening the Relationship between Parish and School 
• Parents 
• Community 
• Prospective Families

• Generational Differences


Communication Tools

• School Brochure Tips
• Cultivating Press Relations 
• Newsletters
• Effective Websites
• Social Media as Your Ally
• Parent Surveys

Transfer Survey

Exit Survey

• Student Surveys
• Letters, Thank You & Invitations


Tuition & Financial Assistance

• BISON Fund 
• Tuition Philosophy

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