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Evangelization : Disabilities : Open Doors through Accessibility : Access Symbols and Signs

Access Symbols and Signs

Including the appropriate access symbols indicating the accommodations for an event in the registration form or publicity is a sign of invitation and welcome to people with disabilities. You may copy and paste these into your documents.

Hearing Device

The diagram of an ear indicates that enhanced hearing devices or technology are provided.

Large Print signifies print in 18 point or larger.

The telephone receiver above a keyboard identifies that a TT(text telephone) or TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) is available.

The AD inside an outline of a TV screen means that a film or video includes an audio description of the visual action occurring.

The hands indicate that sign language is provided.

The walking figure with a cane denotes that the access needs of the visual impaired are addressed.

The design which includes a set of six dots indicates that print materials are available

This international symbol indicates accessible facilities, rest rooms and parking for people with limited mobility.

The CC signifies that a given film or video is closed captioned.