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Legislative Agenda for People with Disabilities




As you go to vote in a few days, take a look at a video at the Election Assistance Commission for acessibility to your polling place.  It will prepare you to look for the accessible features.



There has been some progress in the New York State Senate on some relevant matters. Some of these bills have already passed the Assembly while others are still in committee.  Please contact your legislators to make your positions heard.  To get addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of federal and state legislators, visit the Office of Pro-Life Activities at  To determine who your representatives and legislators are, go to .

S7800 ( ) ensures that housing protections offered to people with disabilities on the Federal level are also offered and enforced on the State level.

S7482 (( ) clarifies the scope of protections against discrimination on the basis of disability in services provided by public entities.

S713-A (( ) requires insurance companies to respond within 30 days to a request for reimbursement for a wheelchair.

S2933 (( ) mandates that para transit fares be no higher than fares for transportation of non-disabled adults.

S7860 ( ) expands the pool of available accessible polling places for people with disabilities.

S6819 (( )  establishes the universal design incentive which reduces building permit fees for new construction or substantial alterations providing for accessible housing for persons with physical disabilities.

S7898 (( )  allows tenants with a physically disabling condition, or who have a member of their family with a physically disabling condition, preference to move to a lower floor if a unit in the same building becomes available.

S2752 ( ) requires full service gas service at the same price as self-serve for people with disabilities.


As you go to vote, take a look at the accessibility to your polling place. Watch the video at this website and you will be prepared to look for the accessible features.