Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity

Our Church Opens Minds through awareness about the variety of disabilities that affect people every day.  There is no us and them when it comes to disabilities.   All people are differently-abled and all people will experience some disability, at least once in life. A parish Opens Minds whenever it takes concrete steps to exercise God's compassion for people who are differently-abled physically, mentally or emotionally.  Please consider the tools and resources provided here for attention defict and hyperactivity and refer to links for other specific disabilities on the left sidebar.


Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is a diagnosis applied to children and adults who consistently display certain characteristic behaviors over a period of time. The most common core features include:distractibility (poor sustained attention to tasks) , impulsivity (impaired impulse control and delay of gratification) and hyperactivity (excessive activity and physical restlessness).  

Free Download

Fact Sheet (also in Spanish)

 National National Attention Deficit Disorder Association - offers information for adults who have ADHD including webinars, local support groups, resources

Attitude Magazine - offers  information for children and adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Children and Adults with AttentionDeficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - contains informative articles and the latest attention deficit hyperactivity disorder information.


Support Groups
Adult AD/HD Local  Support Group - meets at 4640 Main St. Synder, NY.  For more information, call 716-829-2244, ext. 35

Chautauqua County Support Group for AD/HD - Autism held at 1 Park Place, Suite 248 in Fredonia.  For more information, call (716) 679-1601.

For more assistance from the Diocesan Disability Action Team, contact Dennis Mahaney or call 716-847-8393.

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