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Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines

Bishop Kmiec Letterhead

April 23, 2009

Dear Pastors and Pastoral Administrators:

As we move forward together as a diocese, we want to continue to think strategically about parish vitality. We know that vibrant Catholic parishes do not just happen. Pastoral excellence is the product of the collaborative efforts of competent and confident parish leaders at all levels. Parish pastoral councils represent a unique resource in our efforts to be responsive to the needs of the time and faithful to the mission of Christ. In that interest I offer these guidelines for parish pastoral councils in the Diocese of Buffalo.

These guidelines answer many of the most frequently asked questions about council development. There are additional resources included on a variety of topics from getting started, ways to organize a council to strategic planning and tips for conducting effective meetings. I am grateful to the Office of Parish Life and the Diocesan Pastoral Council who developed these guidelines in consultation with many pastors and council leaders throughout the Diocese. I encourage you to use these guidelines to develop a competent and confident pastoral council in your own parish.

If you have questions about implementing these guidelines or want more help in forming a pastoral council in your parish, please contact the Office of Parish Life 847-5531 or visit the diocesan website and click on the link for Parish Pastoral Councils.

Please know of my grateful prayers and continued best wishes for all that you have done and continue to do to provide effective and pastoral leadership throughout our diocese.

Sincerely Christ,
+ Most Rev. Edward U. Kmiec
Bishop of Buffalo


To view or download guidelines click here