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Foundation Grants

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo awards grants that serve the pastoral, educational, charitable needs and priorities of the Diocese of Buffalo and its affiliated parishes, schools, and organizations. Foundation grants come from a variety of sources: donor advised funds, designated funds, and unrestricted funds.

Dec. 21, 2010 - General grants
Dec. 14, 2010 - General grants
Nov. 18, 2010 - General grants

Nov. 4, 2010 - The Bishop's Council of the Laity Philanthropic Fund Established through the generosity of the membership of the BCL, provides support to various initiatives and programs within the Diocese of Buffalo.  Each year, members of the Bishop’s Council of the Laity and members of the Foundation’s Grants Committee collaborate to receive and consider discrete grant requests from various institutions and ministries within the Diocese of Buffalo. This year, the Bishop’s Council of the Laity Philanthropic Fund has a total of $95,000 in available funding for distribution. Click here to read more about the five grant proposals that were submitted seeking funding from the BCL.

Oct. 26, 2010 - Grants to support the Foundation's Catholic Elementary School Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP).  Click here to read about the $344,000 in grants.

Oct. 18, 2010 - After review by both internal staff and the Foundations’ Grants Committee, a cumulative Millennial Milestones Project grant of $94,000 was recommended.  Click here for program grant detail by parish.


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