Strengthening Our Future Together

Strengthening Our Future Together

The goals of Strengthening Our Future Together -
  the diocesan-wide parish offertory appeal:

• Introduce the concepts of Biblical Stewardship in parishes who are just beginning the stewardship journey

• Strengthen and energize Biblical Stewardship in parishes where stewardship has been introduced

• Introduce or enhance the culture of financial participation among the parishioners

• Ask Catholic households to reflect on what they presently give and encourage them to achieve a higher level of support

• IPlease consider supporting this appealncrease the use of envelopes among present non-envelope users

• Initiate a monthly donor option for sporadic and inactive households while promoting an evangelization process with those who have expressed an interest in this option

• Initiate or enhance intentional giving by utilizing an electronic giving process

• Raise each parish’s weekly offertory by an average of 18 to 25 percent, to be used within the parish, keeping their mission strong and extending their ministries and outreach to their parish family

• Promote Time and Talent opportunities on a parish-by-parish level where appropriate

• Provide a comprehensive plan for long-term follow-up and continued development of Stewardship

• Provide additional revenue to the Diocese of Buffalo through parish assessments so that every parish and organization it serves will be in the financial position to do great things of the Lord

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