175th Anniversary

of the Diocese of Buffalo

From May 1, 2022 to May 7, 2023, the Diocese of Buffalo will host an ongoing celebration of the demisemiseptcentennial of its founding in April, 1847. Today, the people throughout Western New York are the beneficiaries and powerful legacy of faith and models of service.  We are commissioned through our baptism to continue to deepen our own faith, share and witness that faith to others, and serve one another.  We are called to continue and pass on our heritage of faith and service to future generations.
The diocesan celebration will begin with an Anniversary Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral on May 1st the same day as our patron saint, Saint Joseph. Throughout the year, various activities, events and service projects will be planned across the diocese for everyone to participate in this year-long celebration. 

Day of Service (October 2022)

Anniversary Logo

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Summer 2022: Diocesan Treasures Pilgrimage Guide

Be on the lookout for the Diocese of Buffalo 175th Pilgrimage Guidebook!  Later this summer a pilgrimage guidebook will be published, encouraging the faithful to rediscover the spiritual treasures of the diocese!  Sacramentals, architecture, history and much more will be part of this guidebook which will invite pilgrims to over 70 locations throughout the eight Western New York counties!

October 2022: Day of Service 

The 175th Anniversary of the establishment of the Diocese of Buffalo is a reminder that we are all called to put our faith into action and to shape the communities in which we live to reflect the Kingdom of God. To serve each other, especially those in need, is to serve Christ.  All are invited to participate in a Diocesan Day of Service on October 22, 2022.  Opportunities are planned on the vicariate and parish levels to allow all to participate. 

175th Anniversary Masses in the Vicariates

Along with today’s Cathedral celebration, Bishop Fisher will celebrate a 175th Anniversary Mass in each of the twelve vicariates in the diocese. More info coming soon…

Parish Days of Prayer

Every parish and other institutions will host a Day of Prayer throughout the Anniversary Year.  This is a time to give thanks for our faith and to pray for others, for the church, our parishes, for vocations, peace, and many other needs. Be on the lookout for more information throughout the year on when your parish will be holding a Day of Prayer.

BPO Concert at the Cathedral

More details will be added at an later time…

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