The mission of the Archives Office primary duty is to serve the Bishop, diocesan offices, and Catholic parishes. The Archives also maintains, collects, organizes, and preserves the collection of information and documents which have been created by or pertain to the Diocese of Buffalo, its officials, associated offices, parishes and institutions. 

  • The Archives of the Diocese of Buffalo are not available for in-person research.  Requests for historical information regarding Parishes in the Diocese of Buffalo or other specific historical information (excluding genealogy) can be made by completing the form below.
  • The Archives DOES HOUSE SACRAMENTAL  RECORDS for CHURCHES CLOSED WITHIN THE CITY OF BUFFALO BEFORE  1994.  It does not house records of Churches merged into another Parish.  Sacramental Records for Assumption Church in Lackawanna and the North and South Campuses of Erie Community College can also be found in the Archives of the Diocese of Buffalo. Records of merged Churches are available at the Parish into which the Church was merged. Please refer to the Catholic Directory for their contact information.
  • The Archive Office is NOT open to those engaged in genealogical or family history studies.
  • Sacramental Certificates of the Churches with records in the Archives of the Diocese of Buffalo, can be issued only to the person whose name is on the Certificate, or to a legitimate guardian or Pastoral Minister seeking the record for Sacramental or legal purposes (excluding dual citizenship requests). These official records can be sent only to a postal mailing address and cannot be sent electronically. Identifying information including date of birth, names of parents, and Church where the Sacrament was administered must be provided. To request these records a direct call to the Archives (716-847-5567) is required.

Contact the Archive Office

Looking for records from a merged, closed, or renamed parish?

Records can be obtained by reaching out to the parish that now holds said records. For additional information on how to contact the parishes other than the phone number listed below please go to the Catholic Directory and find the parish in the PDF document.