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PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Chief Financial Officer of the Diocese of Buffalo establishes, evaluates and advances policies, procedures and programs for the financial administration of the Central Administrative Offices, parishes and schools. The Controller, Computer Services Director, Insurance Services, as well as the Executive Assistant to Finance.

The position safeguards diocesan and parish assets through the establishment of financial and internal controls in conjunction with Internal Audit.

The position fulfills the responsibility of the Diocesan Finance Officer in accordance with the Code of Canon Law (Canon 494).

1. Provides direction and supervision for all department managers listed above. Provides meaningful performance appraisal review and performance development plan of directors.
2. Formulates and establishes accounting policies and procedures; maintains constant alertness to ensure that stated policies and procedures are followed.
3. Oversees preparation of annual Central Administrative Offices financial budget, adherence to the budget throughout the year and submission of annual results to the Diocesan Finance Council in compliance with Canon Law.
4. Ensure the adequate funding of Priest and Lay pension funds to meet future benefit obligations.
5. Serve as parish financial consultant as requested by Bishop.
6. Provides direction, consulting and leads strategy as it relates to the Diocese Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case and progress.
7. Serves as a key contributor in providing the Office of Renewal with parish trending data and analysis.
8. Function as the financial liaison for the Bishop and COO, Catholic Charities, Council of Priests and Vicars, and all other organizations affiliated with the Diocese and the Bishop.
9. Serves on the following independent organization boards and committees:
-Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, Treasurer
-Diocesan Cemetery Board, Treasurer
-Delta Development of Western New York Board
-Delta Development Housing Corporations, Treasurer
-St. Joseph Investment Fund, Secretary and Treasurer

Coordinates/reports to the following committees:
-Finance Council
-Audit Committee
-Investment Committee
-Priests Retirement Board
-Lay Pension Trustees

St. Joseph Investment Fund
-Board of Directors
-Audit Committee
-Investment Committee

-Audit Committee
-Finance/Investment Committee
-Executive Committee

Catholic Elementary School Advisory Committee
-Finance Committee

10. Represents the Diocesan Bishop to various state and national organizations for finance officers.
11. Performs all other tasks as directed by the Bishop and/or the COO.
12. Collaborate with the Director of Human Resources in managing the significant fringe benefit programs of health insurance and 403(b) salary deferral

Education: Required: BS in Business Administration or Accounting from an accredited college
Preferred: MBA and/or CPA
Experience: 10 or more years in accounting and financial management necessary to properly perform position requirements. Requires knowledge and training in a full range of accounting/financial matters, general business management and an understanding of not-for-profit financial issues.

Special Requirements:
-A high level of independent thought and initiative is required to fulfill requirements of theposition. The position must interface with outside advisors including external auditors, commercial bankers, pension actuaries, legal counsel, priest and lay advisory committees and investment consultants and managers.
-Demonstrated distinguished record of honesty and integrity
-Knowledge of federal, state, local and Internal Revenue Service regulations as they apply to not-for-profit institutions.
-Demonstrated skill in advancing strategic initiatives and ability to create an environment of open and honest financial communication to foster focus on mission tempered by financial realism and discipline.
-Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet or exceed project expectations and attain deadlines.
-Ability to work collaboratively with supervisory and managerial staff and to manage confrontation effectively to reach the organization’s objectives.
-Ability to communicate effectively to a wide range of constituents orally and in writing.
-Ability to attract quality lay leadership to various committees in support of the Church’s mission.
-Proven leadership in a public-facing, client services environment
-Proven managerial influence over multiple locations’ operations
-Experienced in financial planning and financial reporting metrics
-Comfortable executing on strategic plans, setting financial targets, and implementing growth strategies to improve financial performance of organization
-Knowledgeable of market conditions and competitor strengths/weaknesses
-Understands organization’s competitive advantage, value proposition, and market positioning
-Demonstrated leadership for serving the faith community
-Possess the ability to coach and motivate others to achieve greater results
-Proactive in developing organizational talent and attracting new talent
-Champion of initiatives that improve policies, processes, procedures, products, services, systems, and people
-Proficient in the use of computers, software, and technology

Salary: $125,000.00 – $140,000.00 per year

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