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POSITION SUMMARY: OLV Charities is embarking on a five-year journey to identify, coach, and equip 8 Families of Parishes within the Diocese of Buffalo with an innovative whole-family catechesis program. The Catholic Parenting Initiative will provide resources, programs, and formational experiences that will strengthen ministries and supports, and give parish faith communities confidence to walk alongside parents and caregivers as they share their faith and values with their children.

The Director is responsible for implementing the 2023 Grant Proposal for the Lilly Endowment’s Christian Parenting and Caregiver Program, at the direction of and with the support of the CEO. This is a five-year position, based on grant funding.


General Responsibilities
1. Plan, organize, and direct the objectives of the grant proposal.
2. Organize, train, lead, supervise, and nurture a team to meet the project requirements.
3. Work within the constraints of the Lilly Endowment grant proposal and Grant Agreement, including Program Reports and Financial Reports for proper grant accounting.
4. Adapt our approach to best serve leaders and families based on evaluation and feedback of various training approaches and resources.
5. Develop and maintain a database of contacts and potential contacts.
6. Focus on implementation to transition to a self-sustaining model.
7. Collaborate closely with the CEO, design team, and Diocese of Buffalo, regularly communicating status reports.

Leader Training and Support
1. Create and refine a flexible, comprehensive leader support framework to prepare and mentor leaders to coach parents and caregivers to share faith with their children.
2. Translate, enculturate, and adapt for various communities.
3. Deliver leader presentations through conferences, remote events, and as pre-recorded videos.
4. Organize a family catechesis leader support phone hotline.
5. Provide input and assets for a virtual training center for parish leaders.

Product Development
1. Contribute to the curation, refinement, and expansion of our library of parent-centered resources for parish sessions and for leaders to send home.
2. Oversee the quality of multi-language translation work in support of the initiative.

Program Management
1. Train, mentor, equip, and accompany 35-45 parishes within 8 diocesan Families of Parishes in leader support framework. Evaluate their success and receive their feedback.
2. Define guidelines and requirements for participating as a family of parishes.
3. Collaborate with diocesan leaders to identify and recruit Families of Parishes.
4. Travel to local cohort regions as needed to develop relationships and oversee events.
5. Oversee the evaluation plan in the grant proposal, including leader interviews and family assessments.

1. Working and theoretical knowledge of Catholic theology.
2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of theology that can be translated into practical pastoral and liturgical situations.
3. Professional working attitude and collaborative approach.
4. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
5. Strong organizational skills.
6. Working knowledge of standard Microsoft Office software and collaborative online tools, and an ability to become proficient in new tools as needed.
7. Conflict resolution and mediation experience preferred.
8. Skilled in public speaking.
9. Skilled at managing budgets and reporting financial information.
10. Ability to multitask, prioritize, and build bridges in relationships.
11. Ability to demonstrate OLV Charities’ values and mission.

1. Master’s degree in Divinity, Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Religious Studies or equivalent required.
2. Parish-based ministry leadership with at least two years of experience required.
3. Project management experience highly preferred.
4. Education and/or experience in training, delegation, empowering, and supervision.
5. Conflict resolution and mediation experience preferred.
6. Experience in public speaking.
7. Experience managing a budget and reporting financial information.

Salary: $55,000 – $65,000/year, based on experience

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