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Brief Job Description: This position performs a variety of manual tasks requiring light, medium, and heavy physical effort in cleaning and caring for assigned areas. Housekeepers work mainly independently and perform a wide range of specialized and routine cleaning activities such as window washing, vacuuming and trash removal, dusting and cleaning, office spaces, kitchens and common areas, residential facilities, and restrooms.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Maintains all assigned areas in a clean and sanitary condition.
2. Vacuums, sweeps, mop, dust and cleans offices, corridors, stairs, stairwells, walls, windows, furniture, and equipment.
3. Cleans and scrubs all areas of lavatories and locker rooms such as sinks, urinals, disinfecting toilet bowls, wiping down all surfaces, floors, common areas of locker rooms and replenishing necessary supplies.
4. Removes hazardous articles from floors, furniture and equipment and place them in designated places.
5. Empties and removes trash from offices, lavatories, and common areas.
6. Assists in moving furniture and equipment in connection with cleaning.
7. Observes and reports any maintenance issues to the supervisor in a timely manner.
8. Listens and responds to employee inquiries in a respectful manner.
9. Maintains all assigned areas and storage areas for equipment/supplies in a clean and sanitary condition.
10. Maintains cleaning equipment in good working order.
11. Checks supplies and equipment functioning and notifies supervisor of low supply levels and equipment malfunction.
12. Adheres to the guiding values and beliefs of the organization, including respect and courtesy toward co-workers, vendors, and those we serve.
13. Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Required Education/Experience:
1. High School Diploma or Equivalency required.
2. 2-3 years of experience required 5 years’ experience preferred.

Desired Skills:
1. Detail oriented – pays attention to details at assigned location, with extra attention to special requests.
2. Possesses strong organizational, planning and prioritization skills.
3. Able to work independently or as a team member by demonstrating collaboration with internal, cross functional teams and internal/external customers.
4. Able to troubleshoot and problem solve issues proactively and in a timely manner.
5. Able to accomplish job assignments in an efficient, organized and quality manner.
6. Able to take initiative and is responsive to potential issues and needs without instruction to do so.
7. Interacting with others with respect demonstrates positive interpersonal and customer service skills.
8. Work positively and cooperatively as a member of the Facilities team

Salary: $16.00-$17.00/hour, based on experience

To apply for this job email your resume to

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