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Title: Liturgical Calendar Specifics | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Dec 9th 2019 03:11pm EST
Link To: /liturgical-calendar-specifics
Title: Parish Catechesis | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Jul 20th 2017 12:37pm EST
Link To: /parish-catechesis
Title: New Roman Missal | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Nov 16th 2017 10:26am EST
Link To: /new-roman-missal
Title: Office of Worship | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Aug 12th 2020 12:59pm EST
Link To: /office-of-worship
Title: Other Family Life Services | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Sep 10th 2020 01:53pm EST
Link To: /other-services
Title: For Healing Divorce and Bereavement | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Nov 14th 2019 04:10pm EST
Link To: /divorce-bereavement
Title: For The Family | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Sep 10th 2020 01:50pm EST
Link To: /for-the-family
Title: For The Married | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Sep 10th 2020 01:52pm EST
Link To: /for-the-married
Title: For The Engaged | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Jul 30th 2020 11:52am EST
Link To: /for-the-engaged
Title: Cultural Diversity Links | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Apr 28th 2020 10:01am EST
Link To: /cultural-diversity-links
Title: Hispanic Migrant Ministry | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Apr 12th 2017 01:35pm EST
Link To: /hispanic-migrant-ministry
Title: Hispanic Ministry | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Feb 7th 2018 10:53am EST
Link To: /hispanic-ministry
Title: Black Ministry | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Nov 5th 2019 02:24pm EST
Link To: /black-ministry
Title: Asian Ministry | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Jun 15th 2016 10:57am EST
Link To: /asian-ministry
Title: Cultural Diversity | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Jul 20th 2020 12:52pm EST
Link To: /cultural-diversity
Title: Sacramental and Family Life | Diocese of Buffalo    Modified:Sep 10th 2020 01:55pm EST
Link To: /sacramental-family-life