Forward in Faith

Listing of Additional Guidelines

Guidelines for Returning to Parish Life

Update to Guidelines for Faith Formation & Youth Ministry (1/21/21)

Reminders for gathers during the pandemic (PDF)

Supreme Court Ruling (11/26/20)

Ruling from the Supreme Court regards to the Diocese of Buffalo (LINK

Pastoral Response to Recent Surge of COVID-19 Cases (11/13/20)

Protocols for Contact and Closures (PDF)

Christmas and COVID-19 (10/20/2020) 

Guidelines and Suggestions for planning and celebrating Christmas during COVID-19 (PDF)

Updated Liturgical Guidelines (6/19/2020)

Supplemental Sacramental and Liturgical Directives Post-Coronavirus (PDF)

Guidance for Returning to Parish Life 

Forward in Faith Document (PDF)

Parish Playbook

Resource tool for Parishes (PDF)

Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Guidelines (1/21/21)

Updated guidelines 1/21/21: (PDF)

 NYS Forward Safety Plan Template

Outline for Parish Safety Plan (PDF)

Procedure Prior to Reopening Churches

Reopening Checklist (PDF)

Social Distancing Posters Two Poster: (PDF)

Livestream Mass

If you are uncomfortable attending Mass, use one of many parish livestreams available across the Diocese.