Cultural Diversity

The Office of Cultural Diversity is committed to serve and address the pastoral and spiritual needs of the various cultural communities of the Diocese of Buffalo. We are focused on bridging the gap between those in the mainstream culture and those who feel marginalized from the church because of ethnic or cultural division. For the calendar of events, please go here.

We are currently recruiting people to be members of various commissions that are being formed.
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Commissions Application

African American Commission

To address the social, economic and spiritual concerns of all persons of African and African-American ancestry. To promote leadership, foster evangelization and address issues of racial injustice through the emphasis of family and education programs, and to come up with a Black Pastoral Plan.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship: Awarded to 8th grade students for continuing their education in a Catholic High School. To apply, please fill out this form and return to the Office of Cultural Diversity.

The Albert Lenhard Family Scholarship Fund was established in 1985 through a bequest to the estate of Albert M. Lenhard. The scholarship was developed to assist applicants who wanted to continue their formal education beyond high school at the undergraduate and graduate levels. To apply for the scholarship, please fill out this form and return to the Office of Cultural Diversity.

Commission Members

Cheryl Calire, Exec. Director of Cultural Diversity
Sr. Roberta Fulton, SSMN Asst. Director of Cultural Diversity and Social Justice
Yoharis Montanez, Assistant
Barbara Breckenridge
Richard E. Clark

Edward Dean
Arlene Feaster
Marjorie Lewis
Althea Porter
Rodney Richardson 
Deacon Ron Walker

AAC Newsletter

Fill out a google form to receive a monthly African American Commission Newsletter directly to your email where you can learn about the events, highlights and news from the Office of Cultural Diversity and within the Diocese of Buffalo. 

Upcoming Events

Synod Listening Session for the Hispanic Community | Wednesday May 25th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at Holy Cross Parish Cafeteria, 345 7th St, Buffalo, NY 14201. Register today.

Hispanic/Latino Commission

The need for a constant pastoral conversation is emphasized that allows the church to respond with more fidelity and enthusiasm to its missionary essence, particularly in its response to the Hispanic/Latino presence in parishes and dioceses. This will empower the Hispanic/Latino people to live their joyful missionary vocation to the whole church more fully.

Let’s Walk Together as a Church with the Holy Spirit

Please join us for Synod 2021-23 to discuss concerns and hopes for the future of the Church

Listening Session for the Hispanic Community 
Wednesday, May 25th from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Holy Cross Parish Cafeteria | 345 7th St., Buffalo, NY 14201

Pope Francis has invited the People of God…all people – regardless of their faith or current engagement with the Church – to come together. “Synod 2021-23” encourages us to share and envision the future of the Church.

The Pope is asking us to be honest and open about our real-life experiences with the Church, and to reflect together on what the Holy Spirit might be revealing through what we share with one another in listening sessions.

You are invited to share your perspective on the future of the Church – your concerns, your hopes, your participation in its mission. Please join us to help build the Church of the 3rd millennium.

Refreshments will be served. Space is limited and registration is necessary.

To register please click here:

For more information go to:

African Commission

The National Association of African Catholics in the United States (NAACUS) seeks to engage, support, nurture, build communities of African Catholics, give direction and promote their spiritual well-being while liaising, coordinating and involving all African Catholics to maximize their charisms as a faith and worship community in the United States.


Cheryl Calire, Director
Yoharis Montanez, Administrative Assistant
Sister Roberta Fulton 
Deacon Miguel Santos
Deacon Alejandro Manunta
Deacon Ronald Walker

Additional Resources

About the Justice for Immigrants Campaign

The primary objectives of the JFI campaign are:

  • To educate the public, especially the Catholic community, including Catholic public officials, about Church teaching on migration and immigrants
  • To create political will for positive immigration reform
  • To enact legislative and administrative reforms based on the principles articulated by the bishops
  • To organize Catholic networks to assist qualified immigrants obtain the benefits of the reforms

Links to other organizations

Por tu Matrimonio, encuentre recursos para durante la preparación del matrimonio, y durante el matrimonio.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Resources for Minority Students

Articles, scholarship, agency resources and more all in one place: Doctoral Resourses

Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs -Office of Cultural Diversity/Secretariado para Asuntos Hispanos – Oficina de Diversidad Cultural

CELAM – Consejo Episcopal Latino Americano

National Black Catholic Congress


Contact us!

For additional information about any of the Commissions or if you have questions or need help, please reach out to us by filling out the following form and we will do our best to respond promptly.