Parishes with Disability Access

Jesus welcomes all people to life in abundance. The Church extends the same invitation when it overcomes the physical barriers the block people from abundant participation in our Church.  Parishes can Open Doors through greater accessibility and use of universal design in physical spaces.

Let us begin the journey together with these tools.

Goal: Identify and publicize parish facilitates that are currently physically accessible to all people. Using a building access-ment, we ask parish advocates in conjunction with parish staff, building manager and/or maintenance staff to complete assessments of all parish buildings. Information on willing parishes will be published on this website.  We would like to see one parish that is completely accessible in each vicariate.  We encourage parishes to host activities at these locations whenever possible.  View the report from S.S. Peter and Paul, Williamsville.

Parish accessibility is more than just getting into a church.  Consider the rest rooms.  What if there is a funeral breakfast? Can someone with a wheelchair access the hall, rest rooms or school to partake in an activity?  Can everyone approach the altar?  Are there barriers to serving in a liturgical function at Mass?

Here is a list of parish accessibility by city and county. 

City of Buffalo

Cattaraugus County

Chautauqua County

Erie County (outside Buffalo)

Genesee/Wyoming County

Niagara/Orleans County