For Healing: Bereavement and Divorce



RESOURCES: Grieving the death of a loved one can be a long and painful journey. There is no time table for the mourning that one feels. Grief work is the process that involves learning to live with the emptiness, creating meaning out of the loss and rejoining life to live more openly and fully. Your Office of Family Life Ministries provides you with a free Bereavement Packet full of resources, information on support programs and reflections on a variety of topics to assist you in this personal journey. Please feel free to contact us at 716 847-2210 or e-mail

PARENTING PACKET III:  Death and grief are inescapable.  Designed for parents who feel ill-prepared to discuss death with a child.  Covers the range of children's responses to grief from 3 years old and younger through the teen years.  Very practical tools and life-giving suggestions are included not only to provide for a child but the adult who is also grieving the same loss.  Grief is an entire family experience.  Packet is helpful to all adults who are involved in the lives of children.  Please feel free to contact us at 716 847-2210 or email

In addition, this office works in collaboration with Nancy Weil, Director of Bereavement Support Services at the Catholic Cemeteries.  For current program schedule of events visit their website  or contact Nancy Weil, at or 716 873-6500.  Grief Support Groups are available and Memorial services are held twice yearly.

Bereavement Hotline: 716-332-0202


BEGINNING EXPERIENCE: is a weekend adapted to the formerly married and meant for persons who have worked through the first stages of grief after death or separation/divorce of one's spouse. The weekends in 2016 will be  October 14 - 16, 2016 at Camp Stella Maris, 4395 East Lake Road, Livonia, NY  14487 on Conesus Lake.  For more information call Stephen and Liz Wasczak at (585) 237-5155 (585)  or call the Beginning Experience information line at 585 987-1750 or e-mail



The DivorceLINK Ministry Program is currently being restructured.  Call the Office of Family Life Ministries at 716 847-2210 for a Divorce Packet and/or a Parenting Packet

  • Divorce Packet:  This is for a person who is newly separated or divorced.  The contents of this    packet is designed to provide resources, information and support that are practical and able to be used immediately.  For more information or to receive a packet, call your Office of Family Life Ministries at 716 847-2210.
  • PARENTING PACKET II:  This is designed for those parents who are separated or divorced.  Focuses on positive ways to co-parent well in order to help children of all ages from birth through teens who are profoundly affected by their parents' divorce and deal with the pain and upheaval in their lives.  Includes practical items for teens, a variety of communication and skill-building techniques and lots more.  Both single parents can utilize these resources.  The more this is implemented mutually, the more healthy the family.  To receive this packet call your Office of Family Life Ministries at 716 847-2210. 

Current Links

Church's Teachings Regarding Separated and Divorced Catholics


ANNULMENT COMPANIONS provide the extra support people need while going through a process that can be filled with questions, doubts, fears, anger, emotional uncertainty and heartache. Referrals provided. Contact Barbara Wyse  at 716 633-7786 or e-mail

ANNULMENT WRITING WORKSHOP: Help with annulment papers? Facilitators, knowledgeable in the Marriage Tribunal Process leading to a Church Annulment, are available to assist individuals to prepare the "paper work" necessary to begin the annulment procedures. So often just putting together the information needed can be overwhelming. This workshop will help ease the stress of putting together the necessary information. For more information or to register call Barb Wyse at 716 633-7786 or e-mail 

CROSSROADS: Crossroads is a Catholic Community of single adults, forty years and older, seeking to share diversified spiritual and social needs and blessings. For anyone interested in knowing more about this organization, for cancellations due to weather, for membership information, etc. please call Marge at 716 685-0929.  For more information on upcoming events or to received a newsletter, please call the Office of Family Life Ministries at 716 847-2210.