Divorce Separation

Pastoral Support for Divorced and Separated Catholics

We recognize that going through a divorce is a difficult experience with a breadth of emotions and mental and emotional stress.  The Church is here to offer support and walk with you as you navigate this difficult chapter in your life.  We encourage you to continue to lean into your faith and your local parish community for support during this time. 

Please see our Church Teachings document that offers clarity on where you “stand” in the Church, and clears up many of the misconceptions that exist regarding divorced Catholics.  You are still a welcomed and valued member of the Catholic Church!

Our local Catholic Charities ministries offer marital and spiritual counseling for couples and individuals, we encourage you to reach out to them at (716) 839-4406.

There are a number of Catholic websites that offer online support groups, workshops and guidance for those working through a divorce:

Online Support Groups

The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation offers pastoral care for families in crisis via free priestly consultations on-line and other resources. They offer prayer, pastoral consultations online, podcasts and program. To schedule your free priestly consultation to discuss matters related to divorce/separation, go to: https://www.nonnatus.org/speak-with-a-priest.html  

On the first Tuesday of each month they host online support group for: Individuals and Families Affected by Divorced/Separation | Adult Children of Divorce (for those 18 or older).

Church Annulment

For those interested in information regarding annulments please refer to our Diocesan Tribunal Office.

Additional information regarding annulments can be found at Church Annulment.