Parish Programs


Evangelization is the unifying purpose for parish life.  It is the central priority and energizing core that insures faithfulness to the Gospel and guarantees vitality for the community.  The Office for Evangelization and Parish Life provides workshops, retreats, consultation, process facilitation and formation for evangelizing parishes at no cost.


(Presentations can be customized or combined)

Skills for Parish Evangelization (a three session mini-course)

  • Revitalizing the Spiritual Life of the Parish
  • Inviting, Welcoming and Reaching Out
  • Transforming the World with the Gospel

Becoming an Evangelizing Parish

  • Why Catholics evangelize
  • Proven outreach strategies
  • Sharing Good News with the next generation
  • Welcoming at points of contact

Eucharist and Evangelization

  • "Ite Missa Est" - It all starts with Mass
  • The Process of personal conversion
  • Growing in faith by giving it away


Retreats are designed for parishes who want to re-invigorate the enthusiasm of the congregation, help parishioners to connect faith in their daily life and live out their evangelizing purpose as a parish.  Retreats can be offered in a number of ways including: three consecutive evenings of the same week, on the same weekday over three consecutive weeks, or on a Saturday culminating with the evening liturgy.  Each session can include time for prayer, presentation, discussion and an optional witness speaker from parish.

Lent: The Road Less Traveled

Unless we arrive spiritually prepared, the bells of Easter joy can ring hollow.  An overview of the three sessions of this retreat address how to be renewed by the traditional spiritual disciplines associated with Lent so that Easter is filled with joy.

  • Session 1 - "The Prayers that God Hears"  Prayer is for all of us.  This session addresses what, why, when, where and how of prayers that God hears.
  • Session 2 - "The Acceptable Fast"  Fasting has become a necessary evil for those who lack a purpose.  Learn about a fast, so pleasing, that it is worth continuing even after Easter.
  • Session 3 - "The Secret of a Cheerful Giver"  No matter how wealthy we are, each of us has what it takes to be a cheerful giver.  We only fail when forget what it means to be alms-giving.

or a parish retreat on:

Challenge of Christian Living (for those seeking to live out faith in daily life)

  • Living Faith at Work
  • Living Faith in Family
  • Living Faith Out in the World

Journey with Christ (for those deepening one's relationship with Christ)

  • Who do you say I am?
  • The Call to Discipleship
  • Sharing Our Faith with Courage

Re-founding Church (for parish clusters)

  • Re-founding our Faith in Christ
  • Reconciling as One Body in Christ
  • Pursuing the Unifying Purpose of a Catholic Parish

or an evening of reflection on:

  • Fostering Faithful Families
  • Aging with Grace
  • Nurturing Faithful Marriages
  • Small Faith Communities
  • Using the Bible
  • Building an Evangelizing Parish
  • Advent

For more retreat possibilities contact the Office for Evangelization and Parish Life.  Call (716) 847-8393 or visit us at 795 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14203.  Fax: 716-847-2206. There is no cost for any of the above services.  Ask about customizing a program just for your parish.

Print and Video Programs

Living Christ Retreat - a self-conducted, parish retreat with planning tools, set-up instructions, prayer services, handouts and talks on: The Journey of Faith, Dying in Christ, Healing in the Community, Living Christ (by Bill Huebsch, 2007 and available from  A review copy is available at the Office for Evangelization and Parish Life.

Living the Eucharist Small Group Program - a comprehensive, parish-based renewal experience built around the parish Eucharist which employs small groups, a parish retreat, family events and educational materials for distribution.  This program fosters appreciation for the Eucharist, highlights the Eucharist as a means of ongoing conversion, raises awareness of the life and mission that flows from and leads to the Eucharist.  (by Rev. Kenneth Boyack, CSP 2011). A review copy is available from the Office for Evangelization and Parish Life. 

Contact: Office for Evangelization and Parish Life
(716) 847-8393