Parish evangelization is a collaborative effort that involves all groups within the parish.  This collaboration is a challenge even in a small parish community where people profess and practice similar values.  Leadership is a key ingredient for evangelization success.

There are a wide variety of resources, programs, strategies, events as well as a wealth of knowledge about Catholic evangelization - what, why, and how.

Catholic AND Confident - A Mini-course for Parish Leaders
Today - evangelization is everyone's business!  This mini-course will foster the best attitude and practices for Catholic who want to be confident in our faith.  Equip parish leaders for a New Evangelization.

Session 1:  Gain Confidence in Christ

People are just as hungry for God as ever.  How would I answer the question "Who do YOU say I am?"  We have cause to be confident.

Session 2:  Discover My Faith Story
Can I see the burning bushes in my life?  What are the obstacles to being attentive to God's presence in my life?  The Catholic spiritual tradition is rich with stories and methods.

Session 3:  Share My Faith Story
Is there an easy way to compose my story and know when the time is right?  Learn to witness to the movement of God's grace in life, share prayer and invite questions.

Consider the resources and programs at this website, especially those included on the pages listed below:

The Office of Parish Life can provide expert consultation, resources and training which can be customized to fit any parish need. 

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