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 Advent is Just Around the Corner!
Are you and your family ready to let Jesus enter into your hearts again this Advent season?  Or is something stopping you?  Are you sidelined by daily life, by being too busy adding more into your season than usual, or are you getting over a loss in your life? 
The Office of Family Life Ministries is here to help you!  We have packets of articles, prayers, and activities that we can send you to help inspire you, or help you through a tough holiday.  Here's what we can send to you:

Are you looking for ways to enhance your family's Advent journey?  The office of Family Life Ministries is offering newly revised free packets of prayers, activities, and ideas to help engage your family in fun, spiritual ways!  We now have a packet for children ages 3 through 8 and one for children ages 9 through 14, to try to reach families at all levels!  Please contact the office of Family Life Ministries to order one!

How can you focus on celebrating when you've gone through so much loss lately?  When we are in the midst of grief, the last thing we want to think about is the approaching holidays.  The Office of Family life Ministries would like to help support you during the holiday season! We now have a packet of prayers, articles, thoughts, and ideas to try to help you through your first holidays after losing a loved one.  Please contact the office of Family Life Ministries to order one today. 

Feeling the holiday blues, down in the dumps, or just overwhelmed by Christmas coming this year?  Are you looking for a healthy way to work through this, and connect with God on a deeper level, or just something to help you take a break from your daily routine?  Please contact the Office of Family Life Ministries for a free Spiritual Uplift For Advent packet, full of practical and easy to use resources to provide you with materials for a break from your holiday. For more information or a free packet, contact us at 716-847-2210 or email


Special Events

There are no special events from the Office of Family Life currently; please check back soon as we update these regularly.


Our Mission Statement

"God is Love. Let us love one another as he has loved us." 1 John 4:8,11

Our mission is to reflect caring, concern and compassionate pastoral presence for family in all dimensions be it traditional families, blended families, single parent families, international families, single persons, those adopted, disabled, those hurting and suffering.

Responding to the needs of the engaged, the married, family and those in need of healing through diocesan programs and parish-based specific support and peer ministry.

To provide services and practical resources to assist persons in all stages of life from birth to 100 years plus in order to more fully experience God in the ordinary of one's lived reality.

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Married Couples Needed!

Husband/Wife Teams are needed to help with our Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program, "Journey into Love".  There is a need for more married couples to give a 20 minute talk at this Pre-Cana program.  Come and share on important topics such as effective communication, commitment/spirituality, marital roadblocks, sacramental marriage, and to help people understand more clearly the importance of family and the gift of married life as husband and wife.  If you have an interest in doing this, please call the Office of Family Life Ministries at 716-847-2210 for more information.