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The diocese has set up a confidential hotline for individuals who wish to file a sexual abuse complaint. Call our Assistance Coordinator, Mary Ann C. Deibel-Braun, at 716-895-3010. Written complaints can be sent to Ms. Deibel-Braun at Catholic Charities, 3719 Union Road, Suite 214, Cheektowaga, NY 14225. Her e-mail address is

Click here for a printable form to file a complaint of abuse to the Diocese of Buffalo (Adobe Acrobat PDF file).

Mary Ann C. Deibel-Braun, LCSW

Mary Ann C. Deibel-Braun, is the assistance coordinator for the Diocese of Buffalo. Ms. Deibel-Braun is an expert in the field of sexual abuse, will coordinate assistance for the immediate pastoral care of persons who claim to have been sexually abused as minors by clergy or other church personnel.

Ms. Deibel-Braun, a licensed clinical social worker, has been a supervisor of Catholic Charities offices on Buffalo's West Side and in Lackawanna. She has served as a bilingual senior counselor for Lake Shore Behavioral Health in Buffalo; as a research associate and consultant to the State University of New York Department of Family Medicine Research and Development, and she has been an instructor at several area colleges and universities, including Niagara University and Buffalo State College.

She received a master's degree in social work from the University at Buffalo and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Catholic University.

"I am here to help, and hope those in need will be comfortable taking the first step and make contact with me," Deibel-Braun said. "The pain of past losses often deepens an emotional crisis of distrust and one feels abandoned and lost. It is my hope that together we can begin to trust the healing process and move forward."

Ms. Deibel-Braun's appointment is part of the continuing implementation by the Diocese of Buffalo of The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and the Essential Norms connected with the charter that was approved by the Vatican and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops last year.

Mary Ann C. Deibel-Braun, es la coordinadora asistente de la Diócesis de Buffalo. Ms. Deibel-Braun es una experta en el campo del abuso sexual, coordinará la ayuda para el cuidado pastoral inmediato de personas que afirman haber sido sexualmente abusados cuando eran menores por el clero o por algún otro personal de la iglesia.

La diócesis ha establecido una línea de asistencia confidencial para las personas que deseen presentar una denuncia de abuso sexual. El número de teléfono para comunicarse con Ms. Deibel-Braun es el (716) 895-3010. Las demandas presentadas por escrito pueden ser enviadas a Ms. Deibel-Braun a Caridades Católicas, 3719 Union Road, Suite 214, Cheektowaga, NY 14225. Su correo electrónico es

Oprima aquí para imprimir el formulario para presentar su denuncia a la Diócesis de Buffalo (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file).