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Following the authority of our Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Scharfenberger, as chief liturgist of the diocese, these documents include certain mandates that must be followed, along with guidelines and suggestions for solutions that may work in many parishes. We acknowledge that no single guideline will meet the needs of every parish, and that some items may be adapted based on local need. While these guidelines seek to define procedures surrounding the Mass, they could be extended to include other, similar public devotions in general. Additional directives specific to sacraments and ministry to the sick and grieving will be forthcoming. 


Updated Liturgical Guidelines (6/19/2020)
Supplemental Sacramental and Liturgical Directives Post-Coronavirus (PDF)

Guidance for Returning to Parish Life
Forward in Faith Document (PDF)

Parish Playbook
Resource tool for Parishes (PDF)

NEW: Faith Formation Guidelines
Checklist guide for faith formation (PDF)

NEW: Youth Ministry Guidelines
Checklist guide for youth activities and events (PDF)

NYS Forward Safety Plan Template
Outline for Parish Safety Plan (PDF)

Procedure Prior to Reopening Churches
Reopening Checklist (PDF)

Social Distancing Posters
Two Poster: (PDF)