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Holy Name Society Events

Msgr. Maguire Scholarship Essay Contest 2019

This year’s Topic is:  “AS A YOUNG ADULT WHAT DO YOU THINK OUR CHURCH IS IN NEED OF TODAY”. The (3) Winners have been notified and we would like to thank all of the participants in this year’s annual contest and we wish all of them the very best in attending various colleges.

Ross Monteleone Msgr. Maguire Chairman and Committee.

Annual Family Day at the Ball Park 2019

This year’s Family Day at the Ballpark, our Bisons will be playing the Syracuse Mets.

The game will be held Sunday, August 4th, at 1:05PM—Cost of ticket is $7.50 per person, these are for reserved seats. Tickets will be available in June call our office at 847-2201 or 2202.  Our office is open Tuesday through Thursday 10AM till 1:30PM.

Awards Banquet 2019

Our Annual Banquet will be possibly held once again at Kiebzak’s and Beginning Banquet Facilities.  When we have the selection of the Honoree for the year of 2019 we will be update the website with all the pertinent information as it becomes available.

The 49th Annual National Holy Name Convention 2019

This year’s National Association of Holy Name Society will be held in Rockville Center Long Island, New York. On October 2nd through the 6th, 2019 at the St. Agnes Cathedral Parish Center. Accomodation for participants will be at the Best Western Hotel in Rockville Centre. When we receive additional information from National it will be inserted in the web-site.

International Breakfast 2019

This year the Diocesan International Breakfast was well attended at St. John Gualbert Parish in Cheektowaga, NY. We would like to thank the Holy Name Members of the Parish who hosted it for the Diocesan Holy Name Office. A special thank you also goes out to all the Holy Name members from various parishes, their wives, friends, relatives, supporters of the Holy Name and to our Canadian Brothers and their wives from Canada for attending. Next year 2020 it will be hosted by the Canadian Brothers since this event alternates each year.

Diocesan Local Convention 2019

This event will be held on Saturday, December 14th once again at St. Andrews Parish located on Crocker Street in Sloan, New York. It starts at 8:45AM with a procession to church with HNS banners. Mass will begin at 9AM the main celebrant will be Bishop Richard J. Malone, TH.D. with many co-celebrants. The registration desk will be open following the mass and a Continental Breakfast will be served. Guest Speakers will be announced later.  The convention is expected to end by 2: 30 PM. The Cost will be  approximately $20.00 per person for the Continental Breakfast and a Luncheon.   Call the Diocesan Office for ticket reservation 847-2201 or 2202 by November 22nd.

Healing and Memorial Mass Services 2019 

It will possibly be held once again at St. John the Baptist Parish located at 1085 Englewood Ave, Kenmore, New York on Sunday, November 17th at 2PM. Father Paul Sabo will celebrate the mass. This mass is for anyone seeking spiritual healing and remembering our deceased members. During this mass we will remember the submitted names of all those members who served the Lord as protectors of his Holy Name and are now with him in his kingdom. Following the mass Father Paul will anoint everyone who wishes to be anointed. Refreshment will be served in the parish hall. Additional information regarding the above to follow as we get closer to the date.

Diocesan Marian Tribute 2019

We will post the date for 2019 when it becomes available to us. Each year it seems that more and more people have taken the time to come to the Cathedral for this event. It shows just how much love we all have for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Continue to pray to the Blessed Mother for love, guidance, and health.

Annual "Retreat" for 2019

We are inviting all the men in the Diocese of Buffalo and Canada to attend this annual event. You do not have to be a Holy Name member, it is open to only the men unfortunately due to the accomodations. Father Paul P. Sabo, Spiritual Moderator of the Diocesan Holy Name Society in Buffalo and Father Peter Rowe Spiritual Moderator for the Canadian Diocese will be conducting this “Retreat” at the Christ the King Seminary on Friday, September 13; Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15 at a nominal cost of $140.00per person. This cost covers housing, meals, and seminars for the three days. This year’s guest speaker will be Deacon John Shalala from the Canadian Diocese.  If you are interested please call the Diocesan Office at 847-2201-2202 or Father Paul Sabo at 604-4948. The seminary is limited to 60 men so get your reservation in early with a deposit of $50.00 to hold your accommodations.

We will update this website with new information as it becomes available to us.

Share any of your events with members, families, friends and supporters of the Holy Name Society by calling our the diocesan office: (716) 847-2201, Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Have you ever been asked this question about the Holy Name?

Who are these men of the Holy Name Society in our parishes?

The Holy Name Society promotes the honor and glory of our divine God and the personal sanctification of the members by acts of Love and Devotion to the Most Holy Name of Jesus. The spirited life of its members is a perpetual act of reverence and love.

The Holy Name Society believes in the faith of the Catholic Church and the Magisterium. Loyalty to one’s country and respect for all lawful authority, both civil and religious.

Our members perform the Corporal Works of Mercy; to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless, tend to the sick, visit those in prison and bury the dead.  As well as the Spiritual Works of Mercy to covert sinners, instruct the ignorant, counsel the wayward, comfort the sorrowing, bear adversity patiently, forgive offenses and pray for the living and the dead on a parochial, Diocesan and National level.

The Objectives

The Holy Name Society is an established Confraternity of the Church. 

A Confraternity is a voluntary association of the faithful, established and guided by competent ecclesiastical authorities, for the promotion of the special works of Christian charity of piety.  The observance of the rules of Confraternity is not binding in conscience, nor does their neglect deprive a person of membership. From Blessed John of Vercelli and the zealous impetus with which he fostered the Holy Name devotion came finally the Confraternity of the Holy Name Society.

Principal Objectives of the Holy Name Society include the following:

  1. To honor the Name of God and of Jesus Christ by example of a strictly Catholic Life
  2. To spread devotion and increase love for the Sacred Name of Jesus
  3. To suppress blasphemy, profane, and indecent language.
  4. To prevent false oaths, in and out of court.
  5. To impart courage to Catholic men in the profession of their faith.

The Vocation of Every Man is to help perform the Works of Christ among his Fellow Man.

God the Father needs man to fulfill his plan of creation.

God the Son needs man to fulfill his plan of Redemption.

God the Holy Spirit needs man to fulfill his plan of Sanctification. 

The Holy Pledge

Blessed be God
Blessed be His Holy Name
Blessed be Jesus Christ, True God, True Man
Blessed be the Name of Jesus
I Believe O'Jesus that though are the Christ the Son of the Living God
I Proclaim My Love for the Vicar of Christ on Earth
I Believe all the Sacred Truths
Which the Holy Catholic Church Believes and Teaches
I Promise to Give Good Example by the Regular Practice of My Faith
In Honor of His Divine Name I Pledge Myself Against Perjury, Blasphemy, Profanity and Obscene Speech
I Pledge My Loyalty to the Flag of My Country and to the God Given Principles of Freedom, Justice and and Happiness, for which it Stands
I Pledge My Support to all Lawful Authority, Both Civil and Religious
I Dedicate Myself to the Honor of the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ and Beg that He Will Keep Me Faithful to These Pledges Until Death
Blessed John of Vercelli
Pray for Us and All the Men and Women of the Holy Name Societies.

Diocesan Union of Holy Name Societies
795 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14203-1250
Phone: 716-847-2201 or 2202
Fax No. 716-847-2206

If you need any information regarding anything about the Holy Name Society for your parish society give me a call at 847-2201 or send me an e-mail:

Monthly fund raising drawing

If you would like to support our Diocesan Union Holy Name Society program, please give us a call, at 847-2201.  The monthly drawing tickets are a nominal cost of $3.00 each. The prizes are $25.00 per day and on (3) Special Sundays $50.00 and on (1) Sunday- $100.00 in addition to any number above or below will receive $5.00 as well. All numbers are drawn by the D.U.H.N.S. each day.

PS: If you wish to have any of your parish Holy Name activities publicized in our Buffalonian newsletter, please give me a call in advance of our next publication. Our Buffalonian is printed every two months, six times per year. - Raymond W. Zientara, editor and executive director of the D.U.H.N.S.

If any man or women would like to become a member, speak to your pastor, a member of the parish Holy Name Society or call our diocesan downtown office at 847-2201 or 2202 for assistance.