Catechist Formation

Catechist Formation General Policy

The Diocese of Buffalo believes in the priority of on-going faith formation for Catholics of all ages. With this in mind, we require that all catechists who volunteer for parish programs be properly prepared for this ministry. 

Catechists who have been entrusted with handing on the faith and supporting the catechetical and evangelizing mission of the parish must participate in on-going faith formation of their own, with special emphasis on the particular diocesan standards detailed in our diocesan catechist formation process.

    he Diocese of Buffalo requires catechists to participate in a minimum of 5 hours of on-going formation annually. Further, within these 5 hours, at least 3 hours must be dedicated to the learning objectives outlined in the theological topics provided in this policy description.  Certificates of completion will be provided for completion of each of the theological topics as validated by the parish catechetical leader and provided in a report to the Diocese in the spring of each year.  Each catechist should maintain their own Catechist Formation Record and submit it to the parish catechetical leader annually as requested. Records should also be kept in their parish personnel file. 

      Parish catechetical leaders may contact us to discuss a plan for catechist formation and to arrange for a FREE program.