"Catechists are called to continual conversion and growth in their faith and, for this reason, are called to ongoing spiritual formation." NCD, 55C

Well-formed catechists are those who can effectively share the Catholic faith in a way that is transformative in the lives of others.  Directors/coordinators of faith formation are expected to provide or make available adequate training and formation opportunities throughout the year for their catechists.

Each Year, Catechists Must Complete:

  • 2 Theological Topics = 3 hours each (topics must coincide with the 14 Standards used in the "Forming Disiples" Faith Formation Curriculum).
  • Ministry Skills = 2 hours
  • Monthly VIRTUS Compliance

The Department of Lifelong Faith Formation will provide a selection of pre-planned workshops/training seminars each season.  These will be listed on our catechist formation website: www.DOBformation.org. Additional workshops will be scheduled, by request, to meet training needs. Simply contact us to make arrangements. Those who are planning their own formation for catechists MUST request approval beforehand.  If you have questions or concerns regarding Catechist Formation, contact Megan Nixon at 716-847-8760.

www.DOBformation.org is managed by My Catholic Faith Delivered and is a data management platform in which all catechists can record and track their completed catechist formation sessions.  In addition, there is a library of pre-approved online courses that catechists can complete through this portal.  Most online course require a small fee, and most live workshops are free!   The following link will further explain the system: My Catholic Faith Delivered Catechist Tutorial


Catechist Formation Opportunities:

Go to DOBformation website

Spring Catechist Formation Brochure


More workshops available by request! 

If you would like to host a workshop at your parish please contact Megan Nixon

Additional formation is available at Christ the King Seminary and from Boston College.