Catechesis is an essential component of evangelization.  Its aim is not just to instruct, but to form people as Christian disciples and bring them into communion with Jesus Christ.


The Diocese of Buffalo believes in the priority of on-going faith formation for Catholics of all ages, which supports the evangelizing mission of the parish.

Catechists, who have been entrusted with forming disciples, must make it a priority to grow and continue their own faith, with special emphasis on specific topics.  Topics include: intro to theology, faith development, prayer and spirituality, liturgy and sacraments, and sacred Scripture.

Formation Opportunities:

Join us for Catechist as Missionary Disciple: A Formation Workshop.  As a catechist, our goal is to "put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ."  Join us for a 2 hour workshop being offered on October 28 and November 14. 

Strong Catholic Families National Partnership is hosing a free three-part webinar series entitled Families Celebrating the Sacraments: From Formation to Transformation.  The webinars, for pastoral and ministry leaders and teachers, focus on engaging parents around the sacramental touchstones within a family's life.  All sessions are being recorded.  Register for each session using this link

Curriculum Connections:

The Feast of All Souls' Day on November 2 offers us a wonderful time to focus on the fact that we are 'all called to holiness,' to become saints, and to remember all those close to us who have died and we pray for.  Check out the Intergenerational Lesson Plan, courtesy of the Center for Ministry Development, for ideas you may wish to incorporate into your programs and processes. 

Catechist Formation General Policy:

The Diocese of Buffalo requires catechists to participate in a minimum of 5 hours of on-going formation annually. Further, of these 5 hours, at least 3 hours must be in one of nine theological topics, which are listed in the approved catechist formation curriculum of the Diocese of Buffalo. This curriculum is provided upon request. 

Certificates of completion will be provided for completion of each of the theological topics as validated by the parish catechetical leader and provided in a report to the Diocese in the spring of each year.  Each catechist should maintain their own Catechist Formation Record and submit it to the parish catechetical leader annually as requested. Records should also be kept in their parish personnel file. 

Below are three online resources that can help get catechists off to a great start:

#3 - Six Tasks of Catechesis - Joe Paprocki (6min)

#2 - Introduction to the Catechist - Joe Paprocki (5min)

#1 - Spirituality of the Catechist - Joe Paprocki (5min)

Parish catechetical leaders may contact us to discuss a plan for catechist formation or arrange for a FREE program. 


Individual Catechist Formation Record: to be used by each catechist to record their formation yearly

2018 Jesus the Faithful Servant Request Form: to recognize those catechists for 5 years (and increasing 5 yr increments)

2018 Catechist Formation Report: annual form to record catechist formation and submit to diocese