Curriculum Guides

The Department of Lifelong Faith Formation of the Diocese of Buffalo, under the leadership of Bishop Richard J. Malone, facilitates the creation and implementation of curriculum guidelines for elementary and adolescent faith formation. Consistent with the standards and mandates of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, these curriculum guidelines strive to provide parishes and schools a helpful way to strengthen systematic and comprehensive catechesis.

Beginning in September 2017, the diocese will begin to implement a new faith formation curriculum entitled, Forming Disciples. (Catholic schools began to pilot it in Sept. 2016 as part of their accreditation process.)  This is expressed in the August 2016 Decree by Bishop Malone.

Throughout the 2016-2017 year, the Department of Lifelong Faith Formation will support parish planning to more effectively form young disciples and families through workshops, webinars, and individual parish on-site consultations.  Our focus is to assist parishes to evaluate their current program and to integrate appropriate enhancements to meet the new standards of the curriculum.

The following portions of Forming Disciples are available here for review:

     Introductory Chapters

     Approved Program Models

     Parish Models / Examples

     Design Worksheet: Intergenerational Learning

Pastors and parish catechetical leaders may contact us at anytime to discuss a customized planning process and arrange for a consultation. Our role is to partner with you and help improve our commitment to forming disciples. 

Textbook selection is the responsibility of each parish or school. During this time of transition, we recommend AGAINST changing textbooks until one year after the implementation of Forming Disciples. Most publishers will provide a correlation to the curriculum.  The correlations will outline areas of congruence, and no textbook will meet all the standards of the diocesan curriculum. The planning process will help catechetical leaders to find supplemental resources.  The Dept. of Lifelong Faith Formation will provide in-service programs to assist parish leaders in navigating this process.  Keep in mind that if using a textbook, in the Diocese of Buffalo,  it MUST be found to be in compliance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and listed in the USCCB's conformity listing. Please review this regularly for compliance.

For more information about textbook selection and correlations, please contact us