Curriculum Guides

The Department of Lifelong Faith Formation of the Diocese of Buffalo, under the leadership of Bishop Richard J. Malone, facilitates the creation and implementation of curriculum guidelines for elementary and adolescent faith formation. Consistent with the standards and mandates of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, these curriculum guidelines strive to provide parishes and schools a helpful way to strengthen systematic and comprehensive catechesis.

The diocesan standards, framwork and content guides (A.K.A. 'curriculum') is entitled, Forming Disciples. It most helpful if used as a guide to strengthen and revitalize formation ministries for all  ages. This notion is expressed in the August 2016 Decree by Bishop Malone.

The Department of Lifelong Faith Formation will support parish planning to more effectively form young disciples and families through workshops, webinars, and individual parish on-site consultations.  The stating point for all planning is assisting parish leaders to evaluate their current programming and develop a plan to to integrate appropriate enhancements to meet the new standards of the curriculum over time.

The planning priorities of the "Forming Disciples" framework place the following criteria at the center of parish-based faith formation:

1. Family Focus - programming engages families in formation together as well as seeks ways to equipped adults to grow and practice faith in the home.

2. Intentional Connections - faith formation programming will seek connections with Sunday worship, the wider parish community as well as the local community in order to connect faith and life.

3. Gathered and Non-Gathered opportunities for learning and formation will be coordinated through small faith sharing groups, age- group experiences and independent learning (non-gathered) will be cultivated with digitally enabled formation.

4. Service experiences, which address the real needs of those in the local and/or glocal community, will include age-appropriate theological reflection which is integrally connected to our Catholic faith.

Pastors and parish catechetical leaders may contact us at anytime to discuss a customized planning process and arrange for a consultation. Our role is to partner with you as you seek the best ways to grow faith at home and in the parish.