A parish faith formation program requires much planning, as well as attention to a variety of guidelines. Some guidelines are governed by Canon Law, some by our local bishop, others by the state of New York, and still others are governed by our own common sense.  Provided here are a summary of the most important policies, guidelines and procedures parish faith formation programs, involving children and young people, must follow at parishes in the Diocese of Buffalo.

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Safe Environment Mandates for Children's Training

       Report Form for Children / Youth Training

       Indicator Connections in Forming Disciples Curriculum Guide

       SAMPLE Sessions by Age Group

       Resources for Elementary Age

       Resources for Adolescents

Safe Environment Mandates for Adults working with Children

       Report Form for Adult Training

       Training Policy Statement

       Background Check Report Form

       Code of Conduct 

       Volunteer Questionnaire

Other Forms

      2017-2018 Statistical Report

      Driver Information Form (required from all who drive youth)

      Incident Report (document all injuries / property damage)

      Permission Slip (template)

      Publicity / Media Release 

      Sacramental Record Keeping