Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation completes one's initiation into the Catholic faith.  It is the policy in the Diocese of Buffalo that young people seeking Confirmation be prepared to do so after at least two years of adolescent faith formation in either a Catholic high school or parish religious education program.  Therefore, the sacrament will be celebrated when in eleventh grade, but no sooner than the spring of 10th grade in the context of the parish faith community. For info regarding confirmation with those of high school age, contact the Dept. of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

Adults who have been baptized in the Church, but have not received confirmation should not be placed into the RCIA process, rather, provided a customized formation process unique to their needs and situation.  Contact the Dept. of Lifelong Faith Formation for information with regard to working with adults wishing to be confirmed.

The Diocese offers the following resources to help parishes prepare youth for confirmation according to diocesan policy:

Program Organization:

    Components of a Parish Preparation Process

    Best Practices of Confirmation Formation

Content for preparation: Curriculum Guidelines for Confirmation Prep

Celebrating the Sacrament: Liturgy Planning Guidelines

After Confirmation.... read this informative article:  Confirmation and Beyond

Mystagogy with Confirmation Candidates