Curriculum Connections

Using "Forming Disciples" (our diocesan faith formation curriculum) as a road map for program planning across parish ministries will easily align thematic learning across ages and highlight many liturgical and community events already on the calendar.  Being intentional about planning is important.

To help to begin to lay out an integrated curriculum plan that connects with parish / liturgical / civil calendars , we have created a  match up using the 14 Standards of the curriculum.  Add in your parish events and see what a difference it can make when everyone is focused on the same themes in catechetical sessions and events.  

Curriculum Planning

Here is a little tip from Maureen Poulin which may make it easier to locate things in the curriculum to align with parish and liturgical events.  Check out this video.

Advent Curriculum Connections

With Christmas merchadise and decorations infiltrating every store in Western New York, it is a reminder that our Catholic preparation and waitful anticipation of Christmas is just around the corner.  As leaders, we are called to walk with all people, especially our children, teens and families during this season of Advent and always point to the true reason for the season - Jesus Christ.  We are pleased to share this Advent Resource Guide that can assist you in celebrating Advent in your faith formation programs.

Service and Theological Reflection

Volunteering is important, and our faith calls us to serve our community, but equally as essential is reflecting on service experience through the eyes of faith.  We are pleased to share this resource guide that can assist you as you incorporate guided reflection into your service experiences with children, teens and families.


REMEMBER we are here to assist you and your team in laying out a plan the works for YOUR parish, so email or call 716-547-5514.