Curriculum Connections

Using "Forming Disciples" (our diocesan faith formation curriculum) as a road map for program planning across parish ministries will easily align thematic learning across ages and highlight many liturgical and community events already on the calendar.  Being intentional about planning is important.

To help to begin to lay out an integrated curriculum plan that connects with parish / liturgical / civil calendars , we have created a  match up using the 14 Standards of the curriculum.  Add in your parish events and see what a difference it can make when everyone is focused on the same themes in catechetical sessions and events.  

Ideas for Mary, Mother of the Church:

Did you know that we have a new Marian Feast Day?  Mary, Mother of the Church, to be celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost (this year on May 21), was decreed by Pope Francis on February 11 of this year.  Though many of you may be taking a break from formal faith formation activities by this date, it doesn't mean you can't take advantage of this opportunity to assist families, and all of your parishioners in celebrating this occasion.  Check out this article for information about this new feast as well as the Marian resources.  You may wish to highlight Mary's role at Pentecost this year. 

Planning for SUMMER

It's time to start planning for summer, which means more than simply ordering the latest and greatest VBS kit.  In fact, skip the VBS kit all together.  Our summer planning is a great opportunity to be attentive to expanding our innovations around the four components: at home, family-centered learning; connection to the larger parish / Sunday community; incorporation of new learning strategies; attention to service that is worthwhile, including age appropriate theological reflection.  Take a look at this packet on the Summer Session for families for some ideas as well as a planning template courtesy of the Center for Ministry Development, Fashioning Faith.  Also consider a subscription to this resource site.

REMEMBER we are here to assist you and your team in laying out a plan the works for YOUR parish, so email or call 716-547-5514.