Adolescent Catechesis

The Diocese of Buffalo is pleased to provide to parishes and Catholic high schools current Curriculum Guidelines for Adolescent Catechesis. This document replaces all previous versions of the Curriculum Guides for Adolescent Catechesis of the Diocese of Buffalo.

Please review each of the documents provided below - simply click on the title to download.  They are a resource for the implementation of a comprehensive and systemic approach to adolescent catechesis.   

Please note that the curriculum for Confirmation preparation is separate.  Please review our standards on the Sacraments page.


 The Curriculum Guidelines for Adolescent Catechesis by Topic

CORE Curriculum

 I.  Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ
II.  Jesus and the New Testament
III. The Mission of Christ and the Church
IV. Sacraments and Prayer
V.  Morality

Elective Topics

VI.   Sacred Scripture
VII.  Church History
VIII. Christian Lifestyles
IX.   Catholic Social Teaching
X.    Ecumenism & Interreligious Issues 

Curriculum guidlines are in alignment with the USCCB's Adapted Adolescent Curriculum Framework for Parish and Youth Ministry Programs.


Additional Curriculum Connections

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