List of all diocesan and extern priests with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult

Following is a composite list of all diocesan and extern priests who have ministered in the Diocese of Buffalo and against whom there have been substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult.  Extern priests are those who belong to another diocese but minister for a time in the Diocese of Buffalo.  Minors are understood as persons under the age of eighteen.  Vulnerable adults include any persons who are in a state of infirmity, physical or mental deficiency, or deprived of personal liberty (being forced into a sexual act through violence or abuse of authority.)

This list includes those priests whose names were previously published, as well as priests whose names were not previously made public.  Names will continue to be added to the list if new allegations are received and substantiated.  Also, in addition to the name of each priest, we have included some additional information that may be helpful to the reader.

“Substantiated allegations” means that one or more of the following criteria has been met:

  1. The accused has admitted the allegation
  2. The Independent Review Board found the allegation to be credible and substantiated following a preliminary investigation by an independent professional investigator.
  3. The allegation was corroborated by witnesses, additional victims, documents, emails, photos, texts, or by another source such as law enforcement
  4. The accused was convicted of a crime in connection with the allegation
  5. The accused had been laicized or permanently removed from ministry as a result of the allegation

In keeping with Diocesan policy, the names of deceased priests who have received only a single allegation after their death are not included in the public listing.This is not to minimize the allegation, but to point out how difficult it is to substantiate an allegation.Every accused person is entitled to due process and to defense of his reputation. Yet, a deceased priest cannot defend his good name.However, if a deceased priest receives two or more allegations his name will be added to the list.

It should be pointed out that when an allegation is received against a religious order priest or a priest of another diocese, the allegation is reported to the superior of the religious order or to the Bishop of the other diocese.It is their responsibility to pursue the case, investigate it thoroughly, and determine if the allegation is substantiated.They alone possess the complete personnel file of the priest, control his assignments, and have knowledge of the priest’s personal and behavioral history.They also will be responsible for forwarding each priest’s case to Rome for a final judgment.A listing of those religious order priests who have substantiated allegations of abuse while ministering in the Diocese of Buffalo will be released in the very near future.

All living diocesan priests with substantiated allegations remain on administrative leave.This means that they may not dress like a priest nor function as a priest.Their case will be sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome for a final judgment.Only Rome can remove a priest permanently from ministry.That could mean either laicization (return to the lay state) or a life of prayer and penance (a restricted lifestyle with no possible public ministry as a priest.)

The chart below indicates the decade during which the first known case of abuse occurred for each of the diocesan priests in today’s published list.

List of Priests with Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor