The secret to ministry success is less about doing more things and more about doing the right things.  These are the essentials of ministry.  Ministry Essentials is a course that explores the essentials for greater competence and confidence both in ministry and in personal life.  This course offers parish leaders the essential pastoral and practical skills, principles and processes for doing the right things including:

Session 1. Purpose-Driven Life and Time Management
Session 2: Planning for Impact
Session 3. Leadership vs. Management
Session 4. Empowering Volunteers and Leading Like a Servant
Session 5. Collaboration and Cooperative Decisions
Session 6. Effective Communication – Interpersonal, Publicity & Social Media
Session 7. Team-Building and Leading Public Prayer
Session 8. Forging Unity through Diversity
Session 9. Game-Changing Strategies for Evangelization
Session 10. Engaging Catholic Families
Session 11. Encouraging Holiness in Youth
Session 12. Feeding the Spiritual Hungers of Young Adults 

This course is accredited through Christ the King Seminary and approved as ministry formation for catechists in the Diocese. 

Please review the information for each location and take a step toward greater competence, confidence in the New Year.  Gain the kind of soaring satisfaction expressed by others who have participated in the past.  The cost: $35, but no one is excluded for financial reasons.  We strive to be your supporters in ministry, and in life!  

For more information or to schedule this course in your area: contact Dennis Mahaney or call 716-847-8393.

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The course is accredited through Christ the King Seminary and approved as formation for catechists in the Diocese.  Why not take a step toward greater competence and confidence in the New Year?  The cost: $35, but no one is excluded for financial reasons.  We strive to be your supporters in ministry, and in life! 




Faith Essentials provides an introduction to the essential themes, vocabulary, development and application of Catholic teaching - beliefs and spirituality. 


Session 1:  Why so much "talk" about God?  How does it impact my life?
Session 2:  Who is the Jesus of history and what did he seek to accomplish? 
Session 3:  Who is the Christ of faith, and what does it mean to be his disciple today?
Session 4:  What is the origin, purpose and structure of the Church? 
Session 5:  What is the mission of the Church - yesterday and today?
Session 6:  What is the impact of Second Vatican Council on the church and the world?

Session 7:  What is essential to a Catholic appreciation of God's Word?
Session 8:  How does God save us - a people of sin, grace and redemption?
Session 9:  What are sacraments and how can sacramental encounters transform us?
Session 10: What is so Catholic about evangelization?  What about the catechumenate?
Session 11: How do Christians form their conscience and make good ethical choices? 
Session 12: How is spirituality essential to sustaining faith and ministry?