Other Services

Family Life is concerned about keeping the family unit together. We are also concerned about those family members experiencing difficulties or challenges e.g. adoption, blended families, single parent families, dealing with in-laws, all types of abuse and more. We will provide referrals and resources. If interested in presentations, workshops or days of reflection on various aspects of parenting, marriage issues, spiritual or pastoral issues contact your Office of Family Life Ministries at 847-2210 or e-mail

Information, brochures or materials on any of these Family Ministries unless otherwise indicated are available through your Office of Family Life Ministries.

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God Bless You and Yours!

A Family
Is people who
Grow together in faith
Work together in hope
Worship together in love
Bear one another's sorrow
Forgive one another's faults
Share one another's joy
Need one another
Love one another
Support one another
Look for God in one another
See God in everyone
Live as individuals
Separate yet one
Joined by God's
Presence living in each other.