Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide Video and Print Resources

The USCCB has produced two videos that are now available to assist our efforts in opposing assisted suicide. Both were produced to resonate particularly in the Latino community. And we also are sending you four new one-pagers that address some common misperceptions about assisted suicide.




1. The Alvarez Family Story:

Sylvia and Serena Alvarez share the inspiring story of Deacon Sal Alvarez--how he fought for justice throughout his life, working for farmers' rights, advocating for access to health care for Latinos, and, near the end of his life, fighting against assisted suicide. They invite viewers to join them in continuing his fight for access to authentic health care, and against assisted suicide.    Link:




2. Cecilia's Story:

Cecilia Soñé, a nurse practitioner, says that legalizing assisted suicide sends the false message that some lives are worth caring for and others are not. Watch to learn how she went into medicine to help heal patients, not to help kill them!   Link:

Both videos are being hosted and promoted by the Patients Rights Action Fund (PRAF) so as to reach the broadest audience possible on social media, primarily through YouTube and Facebook. These videos will soon be posted in several additional locations online, including: 

  • Patients Rights Action Fund's website,
  • on their YouTube channel,
  • on their Facebook page,
  • and the videos can also be downloaded for native upload to websites by downloading from the following links:
    The Alvarez Family Story | Cecilia's Story
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We strongly encourage you to use these links to share these videos however you are able to through your diocesan or state conference networks: Facebook, Twitter, diocesan and parish websites, and links in emails and newsletters to parish coordinators, volunteers, and all other relevant lists and contacts. And remember to ask your field of followers to share these videos as well!

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Spanish versions of both videos are in the final editing stages and should be available in the next few weeks. They will be shared with you in a follow-up memo.

If you have any problems accessing or sharing these videos, please contact Chelsy Gomez ( for assistance.

Finally, attached are four new one-pagers that address various misperceptions about assisted suicide. These are intended for use as your own resource (placed on your own letterhead, if you wish) rather than coming from the USCCB. Additional updated fact sheets can be seen on our website.