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Coordinator's Corner


Take a look and read about some of the things we've been up to in the Office of Pro-Life Activities.

Praying for Life: September 2016 



For an end to violence: May our homes, our nation & countries around the world become havens of peace.




 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be




In light of recent violence and racial tension, Archbishop Kurtz, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has invited all U.S. dioceses to unite in a Day of Prayer for Peace in Our Communities on Friday, September 9, the Memorial of St. Peter Claver.

     Let us gather at the Cross of Jesus. Our Savior suffered at the hands of humanity's
worst impulses, but He did not lose hope in us or in His heavenly father. Love
     overcomes evil. ...The need to place ever greater value on the life and dignity of all
     persons, regardless of their station in life, calls us to a moment of national reflection.

     Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, July 8, 2016


Acts of Reparation(choose one)

  • Prayerfully reflect on the readings for the upcoming Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Wednesday, September 14). How do we face our own personal crosses? Do we see them as means for Christ's love to be victorious in our lives?
  • Read the article in "One Step Further" (below) and determine some way you will intentionally build up a "culture of encounter" this week.
  • Give up something one day a week during September for the intention of peace in our communities (i.e. TV, social media, your favorite food).


One Step Further 

Pope Francis often calls us to a "culture of encounter." What does this mean, and how might his invitation affect our daily lives? Read "Life Issues Forum: Building up Life through Encounter" to find out.


Acts of Reparation: 

    • Pray for the protection of religious freedom in our country and around the world. (Prayer card available to order.) 
    • Readthis short flyer on Saints Thomas More and John Fisher. How do their witnesses apply to our lives today? 
    • Reflect upon what Pope Francis has said regarding religious freedom and "polite persecution."

    One Step Further 

     Intercessions and Bulletin Briefs 2016

    Photo Gallery

    We travel throughout the diocese to promote the cause of pro-life. Come see where we've been.