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Coordinator's Corner


Take a look and read about some of the things we've been up to in the Office of Pro-Life Activities.

Praying for Life: October 2016 


For all who are abused: May they experience God's love and receive the support and resources they need to find help. 



Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be



In his recent Respect Life Month statement, Cardinal Dolan reflected, "God loves us, treats us with respect, and asks us to do the same with others. ...No one should ever be treated callously or carelessly—everyone should be cherished and protected!"

Celebrated as Respect Life Month, October also shares the observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As noted by the bishops, "violence against another person in any form fails to treat that person as someone worthy of love." 

Let's pray this month for all who are not treated according to their God-given dignity, especially those suffering abuse.


Acts of Reparation(choose one)

    • In "Saying 'No' to Violence in the Home" Bishop Malone refers to Pope Francis's commentary on "throwaway culture," wherein people are treated as disposable. Other than domestic violence, where do you see examples of a "throwaway culture," and how you can counteract it?
    • On October 28, join in a united day of prayer
    • Throughout this month, keep up the prayers and spread the message of peace and mercy on social media. (A social media toolkit is available online, and other sample posts are on page 2.)


One Step Further 

Learn the facts from this helpful webpage by the USCCB, as well as how you can help from this Domestic Violence Awareness Month resource kit.


Acts of Reparation: 

    • Pray for the protection of religious freedom in our country and around the world. (Prayer card available to order.) 
    • Readthis short flyer on Saints Thomas More and John Fisher. How do their witnesses apply to our lives today? 
    • Reflect upon what Pope Francis has said regarding religious freedom and "polite persecution."

    One Step Further 

     Intercessions and Bulletin Briefs 2016

    Photo Gallery

    We travel throughout the diocese to promote the cause of pro-life. Come see where we've been.