Promise to Protect, Pledge to Heal

This webpage has been created, at the direction of Bishop Malone, in response to the sexual abuse crisis of minors and adults in the Diocese of Buffalo. We are in the process of building this site, but wanted to, in the meantime, have all related information in one place for you. The material and information here will be continuously updated to provide transparency, accountability and action. The most essential part of our response is a deepened commitment to care for the victims and help them heal of these crimes committed by representatives of the Church.

Protecting God's Children: An overview and details about the programs the Diocese of Buffalo implemented to promote a safe environment in 2003 and continue to this day.

Make a Complaint: Information on how to contact our Victims Assistance Coordinator Jacquline Joy online or by phone.

List of Removed Priests: All of our public information about which priests have been credibly accused and removed from ministry, including the initial list of 42 priests released in March 2018 and all updates that followed.

History of Abuse Cases in the Church: Historical data on how the Church has responded to the scourge of sexual abuse within its ranks.

Bishop Malone Speaks: All of Bishop Malone's public statements and interviews on the subject.

USCCB Prayer for Victims and Charter: A link to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops resource pages on sexual abuse.