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Protecting God’s Children

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Protecting God’s Children

An essential part of the mission of the Church is the promotion and protection of the rights and dignity of all people. Christian principles dictate that we have a special concern for those who are most vulnerable and those who cannot fully care for themselves.
The increase in recent years in reported cases of sexual and physical misconduct points to a problem that is widespread in our society. The lasting impact of incidents of this nature on both victims and accused is a profound tragedy. The problem of unethical sexual or physical conduct, a form of exploitation, is one that compromises the integrity of the Church’s ministers and volunteers and adversely affects the image and effectiveness of the entire Church. People place in their Church leaders a trust that must never be violated by any person employed by or volunteering services to the Church.

With a firm determination to promote and honor that trust, the Diocese of Buffalo renews its resolve to provide safety and protection for children and young people in Church ministries and institutions. Please refer to our Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults for more details.

USCCB 2019 Annual Report

Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

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Diocesan Policy and Procedure for the Protection of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

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Code of Conduct

For the Diocesan Code of Conduct documentation that all adults within the Diocese who work with young people or vulnerable adults must sign.

Independent Review Board

The Independent Review Board advises the Bishop of Buffalo in his assessment of allegations of child or vulnerable adult sexual abuse.


A USCCB resource page for diocesan staff, clergy, and parishes. They also recently released a Child Abuse Prevention Month Resource Packet.

Abuse Response

The Diocese of Buffalo is committed to bring healing to victim-survivors and strengthen the faith of the people of Western New York.

Victim-Survivor Assistance

To speak with a Victim Assistance Coordinator (VAC) and/or to report abuse by a member of clergy, an employee or volunteer please contact the civil authorities and a VAC