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Reorganizing for the Future...


The Diocese of Buffalo has determined that it is in the best interests of victims of past clergy sexual abuse, as well as the ongoing and essential work of Faith in Western New York to pursue reorganization through Chapter 11.


Letter to the Faithful


Why are we doing this?

1. A path toward resolution and healing for victims who seek restitution, justice and healing as a result of the New York State Child Victims Act. 

2. A more equitable distribution of financial settlements given that litigation would inevitably result in a small number of claimants who were first to file their claims receiving compensation, and in light of limited Diocesan resources. 

3. The ability to continue without interruption the essential ministries of the Church. This path towards reorganization will enable us to continue the vital works of our Catholic Faith - fulfilling our mission of evangelization which includes proclaiming the living Good News of Jesus Christ and the requirement of service to others that is carried out throughout our Diocese.


Frequently Asked Questions 
News Releases
Creating a Safe Environment 

Court Documents

  • Petition
  • Notice of Commencement of Case
  • Affidavit of Rev. Daniel J. Condon
  • Affidavit of Lisa M. Passero
  • Motion to File CVA Names Under Seal
  • Signed Order Authorizing CVA Schedules to be Filed Under Seal
  • Motion to Pay Employee Wages and Benefits
  • Signed Interim Wage and Expense Order
  • Motion to Maintain Self Insurance Program
  • Signed Interim PSIP Order
  • Motion to Maintain Bank Accounts
  • Signed Interim Bank Account Order
  • Motion to Set Utility Deposits
  • Signed Interim Utility Order
  • Signed Order Adjourning First Day Hearings 

Case Information and Court Docket