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Maureen Poulin
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Special Events

Seeking and Annulment?  An Annulment writing workship is scheduled for Monday, February 25 from 7-9PM at St. Thomas Aqyinas (450 Abbott Rd., Buffalo). The sesson will include all of the information that you need on annulments, information on the recent changes to the annulment process, and how to start writing your history. Registration will take place at 6:45PM, and a nominal fee will be asked to cover the cost of materials. Please pre-register if possiable by calling 716-823-7077 or email Walk-ins are welcome!



Married Couples Needed!

Husband/Wife Teams are needed to help with our Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program, "Journey into Love".  There is a need for more married couples to give a 20 minute talk at this pre-Cana program.  Come and share on important topics such as effective communication, commitment/spirituality, marital roadblocks, sacramental marriage, and to help people understand more clearly the importance of family and the gift of married life as husband and wife.  If you have an interest in doing this, please call the Office of Family Life Ministries at 716-847-2210 for more information.



Our Mission Statement

"God is Love. Let us love one another as he has loved us." 1 John 4:8,11

Our mission is to reflect caring, concern and compassionate pastoral presence for family in all dimensions be it traditional families, blended families, single parent families, international families, single persons, those adopted, disabled, those hurting and suffering.

Responding to the needs of the engaged, the married, family and those in need of healing through diocesan programs and parish-based specific support and peer ministry.

To provide services and practical resources to assist persons in all stages of life from birth to 100 years plus in order to more fully experience God in the ordinary of one's lived reality.

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