Tribunal of the Diocese of Buffalo

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The information on this page is to assist the clergy and/or case sponsors in the Diocese of Buffalo as the seek to provide guidance to any person who seeks to ask the Church to look into their previous marriage.

The primary use is to provide current copies of forms that are normally used in marriage preparation and declaration of nullity cases.

Each completed file should have completed Petitioner/Respondent forms and appropriate affidavits.  You are asked to avoid making copies of these forms for future use as they will be changed on occasion and by downloading the forms below each time one is required, you will be assured of having the "current" version.

Agreement of Understanding                         Agreement of Understanding
For Formal Cases (coming soon)                  for Informal Cases (coming soon)

Pauline Privilege Petition (coming soon)        Petitioner's Preliminary
                                                                       Questionnaire for Formal Cases

Petition for Declaration of                               Petition for Favor of the Faith
Nullity Due to Existing Prior Bond of              Based on the Respondent's Lack
Marriage (Ligamen) (coming soon)                of Baptism (coming soon)
Petition (Affidavit) for Lack of Canonical Form                    

Petition for Favor of the Faith Based on the Petitioner's Lack of Baptism (coming soon)

Resource of Churches with Valid Baptisms and Confirmations

List of the churches with valid and invalid baptisms and confirmations

Practical Guide to Grounds for Nullity (from the Archdiocese of Atlanta)