National Dialogue

What is the National Dialogue? 

It’s a platform for conversations between Church leaders and youth and young adults. This national collaborative effort will coalesce and integrate all that is currently happening in the church (locally, nationally and worldwide) with and for youth and young adults, and renew our ministry efforts with the young church.  The National Dialogue is a collaborative forum led by the USCCB and other national ministry organizations. Over 80 organizations united in Phase One as a National Leadership Network to guide this process.



NOW is the time to engage people in dialogue and in listening!  These conversations can be a holy experience of dialogue, listening, encounter and accompaniment.  About the conversations:

Led by local facilitators (maybe you!)

Aimed at four different audiences:  youth, young adults, parents and ministry leaders

Different questions for “active/engaged” Catholics, and “non, former or marginal” Catholics

Feedback recorded (by a local leader/listener) and submitted online to the National Dialogue

Click the image below to watch a webinar about the National Dialogue, what it means for our diocese, and how you can be involved!

Visit the National Dialogue website or contact Kathy Goller for more infomration or to get started!

The Phase Two conversations will lead to deeper understanding . . . which will lead to transformation of our ministry efforts in Phase Three.  The National Dialogue will help the Church mobilize for renewed ministry with youth and young adults.